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Page updated 12.12.2019

A double degree brings valuable experience – the true value will be revealed later

The double degree is a great way to stand out when applying for a job. Turku University of Applied Sciences offers project-oriented ways to study and learn.

Arthur Gaulard heard about the double degree opportunity when he was already in Finland. Gaulard was planning to stay only one semester like normal exchange students do, but after a few months, he thought it might be nice to stay longer.

That is why I started the double degree in the first place, Gaulard says.

Gaulard was studying Business and Engineering at Esta l’École Superieure des Technologies et des Affaires, in Belfort, France. At TUAS, he is studying industrial management. Gaulard says that studying in Finland is different than studying in France.

Studying is more self-oriented and here we have more self-study. I have liked it. I think I will learn different things, Gaulard says.

Gaulard felt that the application process to TUAS was quite tough, because there was selection process in his university in France. After he got in, everything went smoothly.

Gaulard is not the only one in TUAS who is completing a double degree. In the autumn semester, there were 18 double degree students and 220 exchange students. TUAS has in total 13 double degree agreements.

Gaulard lives now in Retrodorm, but he will move near to Sepänkatu campus next semester. Many of his friends live there already and they do lot of things together like go to parties, do sports and take trips, like one they made to Russia.

Gaulard cannot say what the value of the double degree is yet. He knows some people who have completed it and they all have said that it was worth it. Gaulard says that in France, Finland is well known for its higher education level.

I will recommend doing an exchange in Finland one hundred per cent. Here you meet interesting people and the studies are different in an interesting way. Time will show if it is better to do a double degree than to be here for only one semester.

From the left: TUAS students Arthur Gaulard from France, Ballint from Austria, Clement from France, Siemen from the Netherlands, Sergi from Spain and Raphael from Germany.