Page updated 13.12.2019

Turku University of Applied Sciences has a new education export project in Brazil

Finnish basic education is renowned around the world. Our higher education is also gaining visibility and interest. The education export of Turku University of Applied Sciences to Brazil is increasing as a result of persistent work.

The good reputation of Finnish education in the world is known by all, especially based on the learning results of comprehensive school. The starting points of the new comprehensive school curriculum emphasize holistic learning and the versatile development of skills throughout the school age. Higher education is also gaining visibility and respect around the world.

Universities of applied sciences emphasize working life orientation, active learning methods and the authenticity of learning in their curricula. Working life skills are not only limited to professional field specific skills, but during the studies, students should also develop initiative, critical thinking, teamworking skills and curiosity about new phenomena and problem-solving. With these skills, students are coached for innovation processes and changing working life of the future.

Right now in Paraiba

A fresh example of interest towards Finnish education is the education export of Turku University of Applied Sciences to Brazil. Innopeda® attracts interest in Northeastern Brazil, in the state of Paraiba. At present, the strategic and pedagogic reform of an entire comprehensive school is being worked on. As its approach, the school chose innovation pedagogy developed by TUAS because of its holistic perspective. Innopeda® combines making strategic changes in the operational methods with a learning concept which emphasizes the learners’ own work.

The private comprehensive school ISO Colégio e Cursos is training its teachers and administrative staff in the new approach to learning and renews its learning environment. After the completion of the two-year project, the school will receive an Innopeda® school status.

“Education export is interesting and challenging. It is great to see that Finnish education is attracting interest around the world and is utilized in development work, for example in Brazil. All of us carrying out the education learn a lot by doing the work; however, I have to state that success requires a lot of work”, says Minna Scheinin, Head of Future Learning Design from Turku University of Applied Sciences.

The agreements have been signed and a trainer group from TUAS is currently for the first time in Paraiba, training both teachers and the school management into a new way of thinking and supporting learning in diverse ways. However, TUAS’ innovation pedagogy is not only pedagogy, but a strategic approach to a change in thinking and coaching learners as professionals in the future working life. This approach can be seen also in the Finnish comprehensive school curriculum.

Interest around the world

In addition to Brazil, TUAS has been involved in developing the education system in Indonesia. In Southeast Asia, TUAS has in the past few years carried out several development operations with the funding of both local customers and the European Union, targeted at e.g. Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Now, Turku University of Applied Sciences is developing B2B sales competence in Indonesia and Thailand together with local higher education institutions and ministries. This activity also benefits Finnish companies interested in the Southeast Asian market.

Foreign groups visit Turku frequently. In early December, Turku hosted a group from Japan, and in January 2020, a group from Singapore will arrive with an aim of getting to know Finnish pedagogy and applying it at their own higher education institution. More Brazilian groups will also arrive in Turku later on.