Page updated 17.12.2019

Thank You for Excellent Co-operation

Being the rector of Turku University of Applied Sciences is highly rewarding. The students creating their own futures, the teachers guiding the students’ development, the researchers and developers creating new solutions and the experts supporting all actions create an environment in which one can be enthusiastic every day.

In addition to our internal stakeholders, our partners also increase the rector’s level of inspiration. Being able to work with such an excellent network of true professionals, both organizations and individuals, forces us to sharpen our own skills every day. It has been a great pleasure to deal with about a thousand organizations and many more people this year. I wish to pass my thanks to you on behalf of all the experts of TUAS.

The year 2019 has been a record year to us in several metrics. We still don’t have the specific annual numbers, but everything seems to be developing towards new levels. For example, we’ll be able to show record numbers of over 2000 graduates, over 22000 external ECTS credits, and about 10 M€ external funding for our research projects.

I strongly believe that based on our good co-operation, the next year will be even more successful than the year 2019. Our new campus building, EduCity, with its excellent laboratories will make it possible to deepen our collaboration with our partners. We are constantly looking for ways to integrate our education deeper into the development processes of working life. We’ll be able to bring more cultural attractions to the people of our region.

Thank you for the excellent partnership in the year 2019. Let’s build the year 2020 and the whole new decade into an even better experience for all of us through our excellent and mutually rewarding collaboration.

Vesa Taatila, Rector

P.S. We have chosen to donate our Season's greetings budget to the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association.