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Page updated 27.1.2020

The number of applicants to TUAS increased considerably

The first joint application period of the spring, to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes conducted in English, ended on 22 January at 15:00. Turku University of Applied Sciences offered four such degree programmes.

The programmes were International Business Online and Information and Communications Technology, which lead to an English-language Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree programmes in Service Design and Creative Design Management. Turku University of Applied Sciences attracted a total of 925 applicants. Altogether 125 study places are offered in these degree programmes starting in autumn 2020.

The degree programme in International Business, which is implemented completely online, attracted 358 applicants. A little more than two thirds of the applicants have completed their upper secondary education in Finland. Last year, the number of applicants to the degree programme was 219.

About two thirds of the applicants to the Bachelor’s degree programme in Information and Communications Technology are foreign. There were altogether 365 applicants, compared to 204 the year before.

“It is a pleasure to see that our study places attracted much more applicants than before. Especially the remarkable increase in the number of applicants to Information and Communications Technology shows that long-term cooperation between different actors has paid off”, says Rector and President Vesa Taatila from TUAS.

One of the two Master’s degree programmes offered in the joint application, Creative Design Management, was now offered for the first time. The number of applicants to the Master’s degree programme in Service Design increased to almost two-fold from the previous time.

The admissions are executed in different ways in different degree programmes. Some of the applicants are selected based on certificates, SAT tests, entrance examinations (Bachelor’s degrees) or preliminary assignments and entrance examinations / interviews (Master's degrees).

The entrance exams will take place in March–April. The results will be released at the end of February at the earliest. All results will be published by 5 June at the latest.

The second joint application period of the spring will take place 18 March – 1 April 2020, and it includes degree programmes conducted in Finnish.