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Page updated 18.3.2020

Entrance examinations of the first joint application of the spring

The first joint application this spring, which took place on 8–23 January 2020, included Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes conducted in English. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, there will be changes in the admissions to Bachelor’s degree programmes, but the student selections will nevertheless be made.

Universities of applied sciences will cancel the entrance examinations to the Bachelor’s degree programmes included in the first joint application of the spring. The admission methods which replace the entrance examinations will be announced on the website of each university of applied sciences on 27 March and directly to the applicants, to the email address the applicant has provided in the application form in Studyinfo.

Admissions to English-language degree programmes at TUAS

In the first joint application this spring, TUAS offered four study options:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business Online
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology
  • Master of Business Administration, Service Design
  • Master of Culture and Arts, Creative Media Management

In the Bachelor study options, those applying with a Finnish degree certificate were supposed to be selected with the certificate-based admission and entrance examination. The entrance examination will be replaced with a method to be announced later. Those applying with a foreign degree certificate are still selected based on the international SAT test. 

In the Master study options, students are selected based on a preliminary assignment and an admission interview. The applicants have returned their preliminary assignments already in January, and the admission interviews will be conducted according to the earlier plan, as online interviews with a remote connection. 

Current information on the admissions to English-language degree programmes is available here: Admission Criteria . Updated information on the entrance examinations to the Bachelor’s degree programmes will be published on the page on 27 March.

The second joint application of the spring, to Finnish-language Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, begins on 18 March. The changes announced now do not apply the second joint application of the spring. Read more about the second joint application period of the spring (in Finnish).