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Page updated 13.4.2023

Turku UAS’ support services for students

Turku UAS wants to ensure the smooth and safe progress of its students' studies. We offer a wide range of support services to our students.

Student counselling and tutoring

We support your well-being and progress in your studies in a variety of ways. Support and help is available for situations where you face challenges in your studies. 

Study Counselling Psychologists

Study Counselling Psychologists

Turku UAS has two student psychologists who can be contacted at low threshold. Meetings can be held either remotely or at the student psychologists' office at Piispankatu 19.

The services of the educational psychologists are offered to degree and pathway students. 

What kind of issues can you contact a student psychologist about?

A wide range of problems may arise in connection with the smooth running of your studies, for example:

  • study exhaustion
  • problems with time management and self-regulation
  • unexpected adversities affecting your studies
  • problems with the functioning of the study community

You can reach the student psychologists by e-mail: opintopsykologipalvelut@turkuamk.fi

Student Counsellor

Student Counsellor

At Turku UAS, students are supported by Sari Seppä, a student counsellor. The student counsellor can be contacted in matters such as life management and student well-being. You can also seek guidance if you need peer support or want to find something meaningful to do to counterbalance your studies.

Feel free to contact Sari, even if you don't know exactly what you need help with. You can find a solution by talking together.  

You can reach Sari by phone, (WhatsApp) or email:

Sari Seppä
Tel. 040 355 0836
e-mail: sari.j.seppa@turkuamk.fi

Study Guidance Counsellors

Study Guidance Counsellors – Experts in learning difficulties and motivation

When should a Study Guidance Counsellor be involved?

The Study Guidance Counsellor is the first port of call when, for example, a student is having serious progress problems or when overall learning goals need clarification.

The Study Guidance Counsellors are also experts in learning methods and skills. So if you are wondering about the effectiveness of your study skills or need a discussion to boost your motivation to study, contact your Study Guidance Counsellor. 

You can find the contact details of your study guidance counsellor on Peppi
(Student Desktop: My Profile, Study Information)

Tutor Teachers

Tutor Teachers

Turku UAS has a tutoring-based guidance model, on which students and groups have a tutor teacher acting as their personal supervisor. The tutor teacher is the student’s primary contact in matters related to studies.

Tutor teachers are familiar with our student services and are good at getting your case across if you have any problems. 

Please note that tutors do not answer questions about study rights (registration for attendance and absence, absence, extra time, return of study rights). For these matters, you can contact the Office of Student Affairs, opintoasiat@turkuamk.fi. 

The contact details of the tutor can be found in Peppi
(Student Desktop: My profile, Study Information)

The university chaplain

The university chaplain – Confidential discussion support

The university chaplain is available to the entire university community, regardless of their personal conviction. The discussion with the university chaplain is based on absolute confidentiality.

The university chaplain can be contacted when you are looking for someone to talk to on any topic related to the spectrum of life. The counselling service is free of charge and available to all members of the higher education community.

The Reverend Timo Viitanen works at Turku UAS, specialising in international affairs. 

Timo Viitanen
+358 44 774 5295

MOI service

For students from a foreign background

The MOI service can help you with practical matters and with your studies. 

MOI offers guidance on issues such as:

  • learning assignments, thesis, preparation for an exam, etc.
  • Finnish language studies
  • questions related to language tests and language of school education
  • practical issues related to studies (e.g. enrolling in a course, searching for information, information systems)
  • study-related fees and financial aid for studies (e.g. scholarship for students required to pay a tuition fee)
  • opportunities and requirements for further studies and related application and selection processes

You can use the services offered by MOI when needed at different stages of your studies. Meetings can be held face-to-face, online or at International House Turku

Contact us by e-mail: moi@turkuamk.fi

Student Office

Advice on study rights

The staff at the Student Office deal with issues such as study rights, and rumour has it that they have been asked about one thing or another. 

However, the basic rule is that you can contact the Student Office if you need advice on issues such as study rights, enrolment or absence, or graduation.

Contacting the Student Office

  • by e-mail: opintoasiat@turkuamk.fi
  • If you would like to make a face-to-face visit, please come to the Service Point. You can come without an appointment.
  • The Service Point is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 1 pm in the Service Centre corridor on the first floor of EduCity.



Peer support

Sometimes the best support is close by. Turku UAS has invested in peer support models, and the importance of tutoring is emphasised in our activities.

Peer tutors

Peer tutors – Helping the new students

Foreign students get guidance and support in their daily life from Peer tutors (for degree students) and International Student tutors (for exchange students).

New students meet their peer tutors at the start of their studies. If you don't know the student tutor in your group, you can ask your tutor teacher for a contact.

The Expat Turku Network

The Expact Network – Meet the other expacts

The Expact Network in Facebook welcomes all foreigners with a higher education living in Turku and willing to integrate among the Turku community.

Join the network in Facebook

Student Union TUO

TUO – Creating a better student life!

The Student Union of Turku UAS - TUO oversees the interests of students and makes the student voice heard in the university.

You can contact the Student Union in all situations related to the studies. 

TUO experts can be contacted

  • by e-mail: tuo@opiskelijakunta.net
  • by visiting the TUO Lounge on the first floor of EduCity



Health care services

When you move to Finland, your entitlement to treatment is determined according to the purpose and duration of your residence .

Finnish Student Health Service

Finnish Student Health Service FSHS

The purpose of the FSHS (YTHS in Finnish) is to provide student health services, as stipulated in the Health Care Act. 

You can use FSHS services if you are studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and you have registered as an attending student.


Municipal and regional health care

The local health station is the primary provider of health care services

Exchange students can use the public healthcare services.

Turku’s basic health care services are provided by health clinics, which are assigned to you based on your address within the city.

Health Stations



Organisations to support students

In the Finnish third sector, there are a number of organisations whose core mission is to support and empower young people and students.

Mental well-being for students

Nyyti ry – Mind matters

Nyyti ry promotes the mental health and ability to study of students.

The Nyyti organisation provides students and learning communities with information, support and activities for mental wellbeing and coping.

Nyyti also does advocacy work for a mental health friendly study environment and to reduce the stigma associated with mental health problems. 

Nyyti ry

Service map

The Service Map for Well-being

In addition to Turku UAS's own support services, the service map for well-being includes numerous regional and national third sector services.

The map includes sections on support services related to relationships and sexuality, housing and substance abuse, for example. 

You can find the service map in Messi from the page Support for the Studies.



IT support services

We offer IT services to all our students, both at the EduCity Service Point and online.

Service Desk and Service Point

The students’ IT support is intended to help students with problems they may encounter when using their own computer or mobile device for tasks related to studying.

Conntact IT services by sending a message to the Service Desk: servicedesk@turkuamk.fi 

If you want to deal face-to-face, come to the Student Service Desk.

You can come without an appointment. The Service Desk is open from Monday to Friday at 10–13 in the Service Centre corridor on the first floor of EduCity.

Can I bring my own equipment for repair? 

ICT services do not offer equipment repair. In the event of equipment problems, we can help to troubleshoot the problem and refer you to the appropriate service provider if necessary.



Didn't find what you were looking for?

You can always come and meet the helpful staff of the International Services. The Globe Service Point in Educity is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10–13.