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Page updated 10.5.2021
Closed sign

Arts library Sigyn closed 24 May - 31 Aug

Due to renovation work, Arts Library Sigyn in Linnankatu is closed from 24 May until the end of the summer.

The library's online services and Turku UAS' other campus libraries can be utilized, now with limited services due to the coronavirus.

No access to printed materials

As the library is closed, the printed materials cannot be accessed, and loans cannot be relocated from the collection to the other campus libraries. Thus, we recommend that you borrow all material you may need from Arts Library Sigyn during the summer before the library is closed. The due dates of materials borrowed in May will be postponed over the summer to September.

The reservations made for materials in Arts Library Sigyn will be processed in the autumn once the library reopens.


You can leave returns in the return drop-box next to the entrance of Arts Library Sigyn when the entrance to the building is open.

You can also return loans to Kupittaa campus during the opening hours of Kupittaa Campus Library in Lemppari. In addition, loans can be returned to return drop-boxes in the lobby of Lempppari campus and outside in front of the library glass wall, on the Lemminkäisenkatu side. In addition, materials from Turku Conservatory and Institute of Music can exceptionally be returned to the return drop-boxes in Kupittaa Campus Library in Lemppari when Arts Library Sigyn is closed.

The collection and premises of Arts Library Sigyn will reopen in autumn 2021. You're welcome to visit the renewed library in the autumn!

More information: library(a)turkuamk.fi