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Page updated 23.6.2021

Results of the user survey of the tuas.fi and turkuamk.fi websites

We implemented a user survey for the users of the tuas.fi and turkuamk.fi websites. The survey was displayed on our sites between 14 April – 17 May 2021.

In the user survey, the largest respondent group consisted of our own students and members of staff. The results reveal that our online service environment is often considered an entity. Our public websites and our internal intranet Messi are often mixed in terms of their purpose. For our own users it is not always fully clear where they should seek the information they need. 

The user survey was provided as a part of project studies by a Turku UAS’ student in the field of Film and Media, with a survey template and concept created by the student’s employer, the Nordic Userneeds marketing agency. We supplemented the survey with a couple of questions of our own.  

Hoodies have been drawn among the survey respondents on each website. Congratulations to the winners!

The number of and background data on the respondents on the tuas.fi website

The survey on our English-language website, tuas.fi, attracted notably less impressions than the survey on the Finnish website: about 9500, and 275 responses. Of these, 159 were first-time visitors. 

Of the website users, 44% were female, 54% male and 2% nonbinary people. As the number of respondents to the survey on the tuas.fi website was significantly smaller, the respondents have been analyzed as a single group. Among all respondents, the background education of the majority was either upper secondary school or a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Most of the respondents were between the ages 20 and 29.

Geographically speaking we received answers from Finland, several countries in Central Europe and random answers from around the world.

The number of and background data on the respondents of the turkuamk.fi website

During the survey, there were about 9000 impressions on the turkuamk.fi website. We received 1591 answers. Of these, approx. 450 were first-time visitors to our website. The largest respondent groups were students; 537, potential students; 372 and staff; 138. 

Of the website users, 70% were female, 25% male and 3% nonbinary people. The educational background of most of the student respondents was either vocational school, upper secondary school or a higher education degree. This was highlighted even more in potential students. In the staff member group of respondents, the majority had a higher education degree. 

Of the respondents, potential or current Turku UAS students aged 20–29 formed the largest group. The second largest age group was 30–39-year-olds and of the staff members, the majority were between the ages 50–59. Geographically speaking, most of the respondents were from Southwest Finland and among potential students, in addition to this, the second largest number was from Uusimaa. 

Of potential students, over 60% visited our website for the first time. Among our students, the website is used every week for the most part and among our staff members, even daily.  

Of potential students, many visited the site in earnest: a half had already applied to Turku UAS or were planning to apply in the future. We also asked them more specifically, what is the most important thing in picking the study place. An interesting field of study, high-quality teaching and an attractive location were pronounced in the answers. In several open answers, too, the mode of study, studies which utilize blended learning, and flexible possibilities for remote learning were emphasized as the selection criteria.

What information do people seek on our website?

It was not a big surprise that for our students, both tuas.fi and turkuamk.fi websites provided a passage to other systems: the itslearning environment, Peppi, the intranet Messi or email.  

In the opinion of the largest respondent groups, the most important content on our website was quick links to different systems, information on Bachelor’s or Master’s degree education, the library, news or current information.  

Statements influencing usability and the user experience

Our survey included some statements regarding the usability, user experience, visuality and the related impressions. In terms of the open answers, it is useful to keep in mind that all answers are not necessarily targeted at our public website, but our other systems are mixed in the experiences. 

Navigating the website is easy 

Navigating the website divided the respondents. Wishes concerning clarifying the navigation were expressed and many things were behind too many clicks. The internal search of the websites was also in need of improvement.  

At the same time the colours were considered striking, the font size too small or the font old-fashioned.

 From the perspective of applicants, the website was considered functional.

The website contains all information/contents I need 

The respondents expressed wishes regarding more varied, current contents on our tuas.fi website. As for our Finnish turkuamk.fi website, the respondents considered the contents too plentiful: there is too much content, it is not up to date or we use too difficult educational jargon. 

The texts are in understandable format 

In terms of our text contents, more visualization or accessibility, with the opportunity to listen to a text instead of reading, were hoped for. Sometimes it was also experienced as difficult to guide stakeholders to the correct information. 

The site loads quickly enough 

Some of our website users considered the loading time of our website to be too long. The most logical explanation for this is supposedly the remote working period during the pandemic and the own network connections used. In terms of the connection speed to the tuas.fi website, there might be a lot of variation globally. 

Statements related to impressions

What do you think of our website as an entity?

In the overall evaluation, our websites did better among potential students than among our own students or members of staff.

 It was hoped for that in the future, English content would cut through all contents. That is to say that on the tuas.fi website people hoped for an equal amount of new, up-to-date news content and more versatile permanent content entities, similarly to the current turkuamk.fi website.

We also got plenty of good tips especially on the websites of other higher education institutions, which we could benchmark for our future solutions. 

The overall grade of the tuas.fi website was 7.76 and 7.71 for the turkuamk.fi site.

What’s next?

Soon, the contents of the entity Tutkinnot ja opiskelu (Degrees and studying) on our Finnish-language website will undergo big changes as a part of the entity of continuous learning. In the future, we will present our educational contents based on the target group and need for education. In addition, the training entities directed at companies and organizations under the Työelämälle (For working life) entity will be reorganized.  We have wanted to understand customers’ needs for different educational options at different stages of their lives. 

Equivalent changes will possibly take place also on the tuas.fi website this autumn.

A bigger dream for the future is to renew our entire main website. Only with a bigger reform will we be able to meet the recognized, comprehensive needs for change. 

We would like to thank all those who responded to the survey!