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Page updated 2.9.2021

The autumn joint application to higher education institutions has started

In the joint application, Turku University of Applied Sciences offers altogether 27 degree programmes, of which 14 lead to a Bachelor’s degree and 13 to a Master’s degree. Two of the degree programmes are conducted in English. The degree programmes offer altogether 683 study places.

The autumn joint application to higher education institutions began on Wednesday 1 September and ends on 15 September at 15:00. To most of the Bachelor’s degree programmes, students are selected based on certificates and the UAS entrance examination. In principle, admissions to Master’s degree programmes take place based on certificates and entrance examinations. In addition, some degree programmes entail preliminary assignments. The entrance examinations will be organized in October–November.

In the autumn joint application, Turku UAS offers several part-time implementations which lead to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, planned to be completed alongside working. We also offer two degree programmes leading to a Master of Business Administration degree, conducted in English and aimed at everyone interested in the management of business and sales, regardless of the field of the previous degree.

The results of the certificate-based admissions are published in October and all admission results are published at the latest on 26 November. The study place shall be confirmed at the latest by 3 December at 15:00. The studies in the degree programmes offered in the current application will start in January 2022.

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