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Page updated 5.1.2022

Joint application to English-language programmes to start

The first joint application period of the spring, to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes conducted in English, starts today on 5 January, and will end on 19 January. In the joint application this spring, Turku UAS offers five degree programmes.

Turku University of Applied Sciences offers two Bachelor’s degree programmes and three Master’s degree programmes in the joint application. Altogether 110 starting places are available in the degree programmes. The Bachelor’s degree programmes conducted in English are Information and Communications Technology and the new degree programme in Early Childhood Education. The offered Master’s degree programmes are Service Design, Creative Design Management, and Industrial Quality Management. Of the Master’s degree programmes, the latter two are implemented as online studies.

A new joint entrance exam for different fields in Bachelor’s degree programmes conducted in English

The students are selected in the Bachelor’s degree programmes based on their matriculation examination certificates, the international SAT test, which measures abilities to complete higher education studies, and the International UAS Exam. The first stage of the exam is similar to the entrance exam in the Bachelor’s degree programmes conducted in Finnish, but the applicants complete it remotely. The applicants who pass the first stage of the exam are invited to the second stage, which is an online group interview. Both stages of the exam affect the final score of the International UAS Exam.

There is no nationwide cooperation in the admissions to Master’s degree programmes. The selections are made either with a preliminary assignment and interview, with certificate-based admission or with a remote entrance exam.

Starting from 2020, the joint application to higher education institutions in the spring has been divided in two separate joint application periods. In the first joint application of the spring, you can apply to the higher education institutions’ foreign-language degree programmes starting in the autumn and to the degree programmes at Uniarts Helsinki. The second application period of the spring will take place 16–30 March 2022, to degree programmes conducted in Finnish and Swedish.