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Page updated 30.3.2022

Student: Don't Forget to Activate Multifactor Authentication by 4 April 2022

Turku UAS will start using multifactor authentication in students’ user accounts. You must activate the authentication yourself by 4 April 2022. After this date, you can no longer log into Turku UAS’ services which utilize the email address as the username without additional authentication. These include email, Messi, and Teams.

Act before the deadline!

What is multifactor authentication (MFA)?

Multifactor authentication (MFA) refers to an additional authentication method that uses your phone in addition to your password when logging into Turku UAS’ online services. You will be sent an SMS or a notification via an authentication app. 

Why is MFA necessary?

With MFA, your user account will be more secure. Authentication protects you and reduces data breaches. Even if hackers were able to obtain your username and password, they cannot log into your account without also having access to your phone. 

Please read the instructions at tuas.fi/mfa .