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Page updated 6.5.2022

Anett Csuhai from Hungary: spreading the word on lower back health and praising Turku UAS

Let us start this article with a quick check up: do you spend majority of your day working or studying in a seated position? Do you ever suffer from lower back pain? If so, you are not alone.

Back pain is one of the most significant occupational health problems in the world, especially among sedentary workers. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.71 billion people have musculoskeletal conditions worldwide and among them, low back pain causes the highest burden with a prevalence of 568 million people. Eva Anett Csuhai, from University of Debrecen is guessing the situation is not exactly improving due to the sudden increase in remote working/studying. And she should know, as she is an expert in the subject of lower back health.

Finally in Turku - and making the most of it

Anett’s interest and research in the field of lower back health has brought her to Turku University of Applied Sciences where our students and teachers had the pleasure of getting firsthand information on her research topic and methods. During her stay Anett gave both theory lectures as well as practical lessons to Turku UAS’ physiotherapy students. She also visited many of our high-tech research and teaching environments, such as Health Tech Lab , Kunnonkoti (a model home for showcasing accessible living solutions), Sports Lab and simulation centre SimuCenter. The facilities made a great impression to Anett, and she was also able to try new equipment which she said was especially informative and insightful for her.

Anett teaching Turku UAS physiotherapy students
Anett shared her knowledge with Turku UAS' physiotherapy students

Anett has enjoyed her stay in Turku UAS very much now that she was finally able to come. Anett was granted an Erasmus+ funding already in 2019 but, as we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic broke, and put a stop also to international teacher and staff exchanges. However, she says that she used the pandemic years to her benefit and dove even deeper into her research topic. Now, late March 2022, Anett holds a beautiful smile when she talks about the Finnish education system and how reciprocate was her relationship with the teachers and students at Turku UAS. “The university is really new, modern and nice. I’d love to be learning and teaching here.” 

"I’d love to be learning and teaching here.” 

Anett says that all the staff members she has encountered here are extremely kind and very professional. Also, the students get a praise from Anett as she describes them to be very enthusiastic and focused. She says she would and will happily recommend her fellow international teachers and researchers from all over the world to visit Turku and Turku UAS. Not even the cold weather and the late arrival of spring season scared Anett off “I also love cold weather, I know is not normal, but I’d would happily live in Turku.”

Text: Noora Viherpuro
Photos: Érica Dahlström Dezonne

Anett’s tips for healthier back

•    Targeted mobilization of the spine
•    Stretching and strengthening of the deep core and superficial trunk muscles
•    Mobilization of the upper and lower limbs
•    Functional exercises such as push-ups, lunges, and squats (your body is a whole!)
•    Take advantage of the many (free) office exercise routines and workout videos online
•    Do the exercises daily, during the day (avoid long periods of inactivity/sitting still)