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Page updated 9.6.2020

Live – Increased Appeal

The purpose of the project is to increase the appeal of fields of technology in the Southwest Finland and Satakunta regions and to promote transition between areas of education and from education to working life through measures carried out jointly by educational institutions, companies and other stakeholders. The objective is to increase the awareness among the young and their parents about the educational fields in technology and opportunities for further education, as well as the awareness of students in upper secondary education concerning the employment and further education opportunities offered by industry.

The project includes the following procedures:

– To pilot and instil the marketing and appeal action models developed in the VetoVoimaa teknologia-aloille (More appeal in technology sectors) project in fields outside the mechanical engineering and production technology sectors and to extensively develop the models further in fields of technology

– To facilitate the transition between levels of education and fields of study as well as from education to working life

– To powerfully involve teaching and guidance personnel in increasing the appeal

The fields of study included in the project from Turku University of Applied Sciences are mechanical and production engineering, construction and civil engineering, as well as materials processing technology.

 The project plans and implements traditional and social media marketing focusing on technology education and is aimed at secondary and upper secondary level students. The visibility of the project towards the young is ensured during student admissions, in particular.

For example, the goal is to organize implementations such as the technology course in other fields as well. In addition, concrete cooperation between companies and the university of applied sciences will be increased and diversified.

 First-year students will be trained to become ‘technology agents’ who visit upper secondary educational institutions to talk about studying technology and also to market the technology studies provided by universities of applied sciences.