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Page updated 20.10.2021
Co-Creative Management - CCM

Co-Creative Management - CCM

The CCM - Co-Creative Management research group studies different aspects of inclusive leadership and management from many perspectives. The group conducts interdisciplinary and international research that responds to the operation of complex networks, such as subcontracting networks. The focus is on both internal management issues within organizations and relationships between organizations.

Our research is executed on practical co-operation with businesses in several different industries and services, as well as at the interfaces of private and public organizations.

Co-creative management CCM, in the context of a business, refers to a management process in which input from stakeholders plays a central role from beginning to end. In case of management of R&D term is also used for a way in which a process allows consumers to submit ideas, designs or content into innovation generation. This way, the organization will not run out of ideas regarding the design to be created and at the same time, it will further strengthen the business relationship between the organization and its stakeholders. CCM is topical in networked business environment as well as in co-operation between private and public organizations.

CCM focus on business management in the broadest sense is both the effective management of public administration organizations and the management of private sector businesses, as well as, organization and management of third sector actors. Management of various collaborative business models of both public and private business, the so-called management of hybrid organizations. CCM is at the heart are the co-creative, participatory leadership of networked organizations and different types of alliances. The area of business management includes e.g. strategic management, marketing and sales management, and human resource management.

CCM technology management research in the environments of the future focuses on operations management through process management, systems thinking and data analytics. Subject areas related to the organizing and management aided by new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), open data, digital platforms, smart production lines are at the center of CCM.

We help stakeholders in search of practical solutions to the issues of ergonomic design and management of HRM, information technology and new production technologies. Technology management in the environments of the future is linked to project-, process-, systems- and quality management, as well as innovation and product development management.

The management of healthcare and social welfare sectors in the future operating environment focuses on the promotion and management of health and well-being. The challenge for the management of the healthcare and social welfare field is complex administrative models, whose performance management research has information gaps for which the CCM research group seeks solutions. At the heart of the change in healthcare and social welfare management are the practical application of the big data, data pools, and opportunities presented by data mining. CCM studies related to the management of the healthcare and social welfare sectors are e.g. change management, knowledge management and information management, organizational learning, human resource management and business management.

CCM studies management of the arts and cultural industries and reciprocally integrating arts and culture with other business in research. The arts and cultural industries have creativity, intellectual and craftsmanship excellence, where bringing them into the context of management on traditional industry and service sectors, offers them fruitful design-driven thinking.