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Page updated 20.10.2021
Design Thinking

Design Thinking

The development of products and services in complex operating environments requires having more extensive management abilities than before, taking the cognitive and physiological possibilities and limits of people into account, and studying and developing the inclusive methods related to these. The core value is human well-being, which results in well-being in other areas as well, such as the economy.
Design IS thinking – observing the larger picture and the connections between details and finding possibilities in even the smallest occurrences and changes in everyday life.
Design IS prototyping – quick experimentation and concrete action.
Design IS experiential – multisensory and invigorating.
Design IS cooperation – emphatic, allowing of differences and drawing something new from them.
Design sees everything through the eyes of people and acts as the connecting factor at the interfaces of phenomena and sectors. This makes us open to cooperation with all types of affiliates!