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Page updated 11.1.2018
Digital Transformation and New Business Models

Digital Transformation and New Business Models

The research group focuses on the digital transformation and its impact on business models, entrepreneurship and society in general. The digital transformation creates new business opportunities and new possibilities for entrepreneurship but, at the same time, entire fields of industry will disappear or change. At the clearest, new digital products and services, either by themselves or combined with physical products and services, form new business models also in the more traditional fields such as tourism.

The growth of the importance of digitalization enables novel business models for starting entrepreneurs, and challenges the existing enterprises to renew their operations. In addition to the different forms of entrepreneurship and areas of impact, the research group recognises the new opportunities and challenges which digitalization creates for the entire field of enterprises.

The new business models brought on by digitalization challenge the existing policies and require changes in the operational methods and regulation of both companies and the public sector. The research group examines the mechanisms and regularities with which the digital transformation creates new business and replaces the old. Special interests include new business models and different, diverse ecosystems in entrepreneurship.


Jarmo Ahonen
Kaisa Sorsa
Jaana Kallio-Gerlander
Ari Jolkkonen
Maija Nolvi
Markku Heikkilä
Pirjo Varanka
Sinikka Leino
Olli Mäkinen
Tiina Suni
Janne Ahtinen
Osmo Eerola
Päivi Killström
Katri Rintamäki
Kai Schleutker
Telle Tuominen
Susanna Saari