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Page updated 26.7.2021
Global Gateway - Agile and sustainable competitiveness

Global Gateway - Agile and sustainable competitiveness

The research group helps companies and organisations to succeed in the international operating environment by developing innovative solutions that promote the management of modern work and competences needed in it.

In a globalised world, the service sector is growing, and digitalisation brings new markets to companies which increases the need for international expertise, especially in the service sector. The research group is also interested in companies' ability to anticipate internal and external changes and to implement reforms with sufficient agility as well as to enhance the utilisation of digitalisation in decision-making and business.

Research and development targets include the ability of organizations to manage and utilize resources and processes in an efficient and sustainable way (e.g., Lean and digitalization). In business, digitalisation, communication and sustainable development strongly shape operating environments, and the research group is also interested in companies' ability to anticipate internal and external change needs and implement reforms with sufficient agility. 

Our projects involve business, technology and communications experts. Our way of working is based on innovation pedagogy. Students participate in our project activities and thus increase their own skills as well as extend their domestic and international networks. We work with companies, public organizations, universities as well as research and development centres in Europe and around the world. Research and development work with project partners is long-term and multi-professional.

Our RDI activities focus on:

•    efficient and effective organizational processes from the perspective of digitalisation and sustainable development 
•    agile development and innovation of business ecosystems 
•    responsible supply chain management, corporate networks and procurement
•    intelligent mobility and logistics solutions 
•    managing and developing customer service paths 
•    development of responsible tourism services and destinations  
•    communication and cultural competence in internationalising companies 
•    operation and communication in virtual teams 
•    multicultural work communities
•    integration of immigrants into working life

Research group members

Mervi Varhelahti
Hilkka Bergman
Minna Björkberg-Suominen
Tiina Hirard
Marjo Joshi
Niina Roine
Marjatta Rännäli
Jaana Szinovatz
Ilona Tanskanen
Ann-Katrin Tyni-Nummelin
Taneli Ahtiainen
Pirjo Kavander
Sanna Simola
Poppy Skarli
Katriina Vesanen

The group is open for everyone.