Page updated 3.8.2017
Higher Education Research and Development

Higher Education Research and Development

The research group focuses on multidisciplinary research of higher education institutions. At Turku University of Applied Sciences, it supports the work of researchers, administrative personnel and others interested in higher education institutions and in developing higher education. The group maintains relations with the national and international research community and has representation in the board of the Consortium of Higher Education Researchers in Finland, Cherif. The consortium is a member of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV).

Active networker

In the nationwide UAS field, the research group actively participates in organizing the annual theme days of research in vocational education and education at universities of applied sciences and in the activities of the Finnish Society for Practice Based Inquiry (PraBa). In addition, the group publishes articles and takes part in the editorial work of the Journal of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences, UAS Journal. This e-publication includes a peer-reviewed article section where TUAS staff is encouraged to publish their own articles. At regular intervals, a member of the research group acts as the editor-in-chief. Annually, the group participates in the arrangements of the nationwide seminar Verkkoja kokemassa ("Experiencing nets") with other Turku-based higher education institutions. The seminar, which deals with utilising information and communication technology in teaching, also attracts well-known researchers from other countries. In addition, the group actively takes part in the activities of the international CARPE network.

Research topics

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The research topics of the group include, for instance, the following:

  • utilization of action research in the UAS field
  • the research that supports campus planning
  • strategies of higher education institutions
  • UASs in the ubiquitous information society
  • UAS Journal e-publication activities serving as a network project between higher education institutions
  • education policy related to UASs’ working-life connections
  • development of e-learning.

The research group performs in international and national conferences and publishes research papers and articles.

Research group members

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Mervi Friman, Hämeen AMK
Tapio Huttula, Humak
Matti Kajaste, OKM
Esa Rahiala, Satakunnan AMK
Pentti Rauhala, emeritus, Laurea AMK
Lotta Linko, Hämeen AMK
Juha Lindfors, Metropolia