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New Platforms and Modes of Value Creation (AADI)

New Platforms and Modes of Value Creation (AADI)

The task of the research group is to identify and promote new modes of value creation. In the research group, new modes of value creation refer broadly to solutions based on information, competence, experiences and emotions.

The research group is particularly interested in platforms that bring companies, customers and other stakeholders together and facilitate different modes of value co-creation. The platform business is a technology and data-intensive service business. Its core is the collection, storage, dissemination and refinement of information.

In business operations that utilize platforms, value is created in interaction between different parties. Value is not an attribute of the object nor a subjective right of the person determining value but a consequence of being exposed to interaction. For this reason, the research group pays attention to two dimensions of value: value may manifest itself 1) in the economic, emotional and symbolic form of activity resulting from the subtraction of the benefits yielded by the activity and the sacrifices required by the activity and 2) in the basic socio-cultural beliefs about what it is that makes the activity valuable, acceptable and worth pursuing.

The research group reviews the challenges of value creation in a multidisciplinary but practical manner. Topics for research and development include, among other things, strategic and operational management by information, combining information and emotions at the customer interface, refining business transaction data into customer insight and new kinds of customer experiences, revenue logic of community business operations, utilizing social media to support marketing and innovation, methods for measuring added value and protecting an organization’s intellectual property. Naturally, companies alone are not responsible for value co-creation: public organizations are also required to adopt new operating methods. This can mean, for instance, service development on the basis of open data together with citizens or the utilisation of mass data and analytics in developing the productivity of health care.

In the broadest sense, value co-creation is about new ways of creating shared meanings that influence social, economic and cultural development. An essential aspect in development is that value creation is increasingly based on how information created in interactive relationships is refined into knowledge, new products and services.

The research group is a good partner for you if you want to convert ideas into innovations, combine information and emotions into touching customer experiences or turn digitalization into a source of competitive edge.


Research group members

Harri Jalonen
Jaana Kallio-Gerlander
Laura Strömberg
Jaakko Haltia
Kaisa Sorsa
Ritva Hyttinen
Riikka Kulmala
Olli-Pekka Lehtisalo
Markku Rajala
Mervi Varhelahti
Katja Repo
Kai Schleutker
Aulikki Holma
Tuomo Helo
Sinikka Leino
Jarkko Paavola
Elina Kontio 
Tiina Suni
Timo Linnossuo
Monica Tamminen
Anna Tonteri
Elina Vuorio
Mira Lehti
Jeffrey Salahub
Taru Kakko
Anna Rouhelo

More publications

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