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Page updated 19.4.2022

New Skills and Competences from Turku University of Applied Sciences

At Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku UAS), we provide high-quality and flexible education, training and consulting services to public as well as private sector organizations. We offer both customized and ready-made training packages to suit your needs. If you are looking for consulting to support the education reform at your institution you will benefit from our expertise. We also offer tailor-made courses and on-demand degree studies for student groups in higher education.

Turku UAS plays a key role in multidisciplinary applied research, development and innovation. We offer education that develops working life and entrepreneurial skills, and provide research development and innovation services. We are happy to organize a short-term study visit to Finland, during which you and your group can get an overview of the secrets behind our educational success. In addition to these we also provide consulting services for supporting the development of your organization. 

At the core of all our activities is innovation pedagogy, Innopeda®, a unique pedagogical method developed at Turku UAS. It emphasizes the viewpoints of RDI and working life, providing skills for independent thinking, effective communication and international activities. 

Our Products and Services 

Programmes and Courses for Student Groups

Turku UAS offers a wide range of study possibilities for student groups, varying from short courses to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The courses are suitable for student groups in higher education with different backgrounds and needs. 

All our courses are taught by top experts of their fields and they are carried out by applying the innovative and participative learning methods developed at Turku UAS. These methods enhance students’ individual, interpersonal and networking competences, which are needed in the future working life. 

Short-term Courses for Student Groups

Turku UAS has several short-term study options suitable for student groups. 

The courses are tailor-made to suit the needs of the group, and their duration varies from one to four weeks. The courses can be organized for students from the fields of business, engineering, health and arts. Teaching takes place on Turku UAS campuses in Turku and Salo. 


  • 1–4 weeks


  • Turku, Finland
  • Salo, Finland


International Semesters

All the Turku UAS faculties offer ready-made study packages, International Semesters, which consist of different, thematically focused courses. The studies last from one to two semesters. The International Semesters are available on both Bachelor’s and Master’s level. 

Fields of study

  • Business (Bachelor’s and Master’s level)
  • Engineering (Bachelor’s and Master’s level)
  • Health (Bachelor’s and Master’s level)
  • Arts (Bachelor’s level)


  • 1–2 semesters


  • Turku, Finland
  • Salo, Finland


On-demand Degree Studies for Student Groups

Turku UAS offers also on-demand degree studies for student groups. This is an extraordinary opportunity for those who want to upgrade their education to Bachelor's or Master’s level.

The fields of education available for on-demand degree studies are: 

  • ICT
  • Business
  • Nursing



If you are interested in our programmes and courses for student groups, please contact 

Anu Härkönen
Head of International Affairs
+358 50 598 5644



N.B. If you are an individual student interested in studying a degree at Turku UAS, please find out more on our website.  


Teacher Training – Pedagogical Solutions Developed by Turku UAS

Innovation pedagogy produces innovation competencies

Innovation pedagogy is a specific approach to learning and teaching which enhances students’ individual, interpersonal and networking competences needed in the future working life. To achieve these so-called innovation competences, the whole learning environment must be constructed in a new way and learning methods must be reviewed. One key element is enriching teaching and learning with educational research, development and innovation (RDI) methods.  

Learn more about innovation pedagogy and ask for an Innopeda® training offer.

BusinessAcademy – Visit us and learn new ways of coaching your students!

BusinessAcademy is an innovative and entrepreneurial learning environment in Turku University of Applied Sciences. In BusinessAcademy, learning is based on working in joint projects with working life organisations, not forgetting theoretical learning. Students are coached in business and entrepreneurship by Team Coaches, who are either Senior Advisors at Turku UAS or Professional Business Mentors.

Learn more about study visits to our Business Academy 

Online Pedagogy Training – Skills for teaching online

Teaching online requires new skills and methods. Turku University of Applied Sciences offers professional training for online teachers given by a team of specialists. Learn how to utilise the possibilities of active online learning and teaching in your own subject area.

You will gain skills in online teaching methods, online learning materials, assessment and feedback, as well as creating your own online course. Participate in our course and get a student’s perspective, an experience that will give you a valuable insight into becoming a great online teacher!

Learn more about online pedagogy training

Professional Development Services

In today’s ever-changing working life, it is important to keep skills and competences up to date.

At Turku UAS, we offer extensive services and trainings for organizations and professionals. Our experienced trainers and coaches assist you, whether you are interested in developing your own skills and competences or those of your team.   

Our health care trainings include:

Get in touch with   Katri Salonen   to find out more.

Examples of our most popular services and trainings in other fields:

Check our website to find out more about what we can offer.