Page updated 22.9.2017
Students of Library and Information Services

New Skills and Competences

from Turku University of Applied Sciences

At TUAS, we provide high quality and flexible education, training and consulting services aimed at individuals as well as organizations in both the public and the private sector.

TUAS plays a key role in the field of multidisciplinary applied research, development and innovation. 

We offer education that develops working life and entrepreneurial skills, provide research, development and innovation services and development of organizations.

At the core of all our activities is innovation pedagogy, Innopeda®, a unique pedagogical method developed at TUAS. It emphasizes the viewpoints of RDI and working life, providing skills for independent thinking, effective communication and international activities.

What we offer?

Whether you are interested in updating your own skills or improving the performance of your employees, we at TUAS have tools for you. We offer both customized as well as ready-made training packages to suit your needs.

Or if you are looking for consulting to support your education reform, you can benefit from our expertise.

We are also happy to organize a short-term study visit, during which you and your group can get an overview of the secrets behind our educational success. 

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