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Page updated 9.11.2018

BusinessAcademy - Visit us and learn new ways of coaching your students!

BusinessAcademy (BA) is an innovative and entrepreneurial learning environment in Turku University of Applied Sciences. Team Coaches are Senior Advisors / Professional Business Mentors who coach the students in business and entrepreneurship.

In BusinessAcademy learning is based on working in business and joint projects, not forgetting theoretical learning.

The BusinessAcademy learning path covers the theoretical learning process using training sessions and book circles. The learning agreement reflects the student´s learning process. The teams are able to deepen their learning by personalizing their learning path and by applying theory to the real-life projects at the same time.

Students graduate with excellence in business as well as entrepreneurial, innovation and teamwork competences and they are a true asset to working life.

BA Visits are offered in Finnish, Swedish, English and French.


Getting to know BA experience (3h):

Welcoming coffee, presentation of BusinessAcademy concept as part of Innovation Pedagogy

  • Field visit in the BA community space
  • Observing and experiencing the BA eco-system
  • Meeting a Student team/Cooperative guided by Community Manager
  • Discussion and reflection with Team Coach

We welcome groups of 2- 15 visitors! 3h visit: 700€ + VAT per group.


BA workshop experience (6h):

In addition to the getting to know experience:

  • How does coaching differ from teaching? Discussion over lunch with Team Coach
  • Workshop on innovation and entrepreneurship with Student Team and Team Coach
  • What to take into practise? Afternoon coffee and reflections with Team Coach

We welcome groups of 2- 15 visitors! 6h visit: 1800€ + VAT per group.


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