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Page updated 2.6.2015

Functional Ability Assessment and Support for the Elderly – Customised Training

The training participants will learn how to assess and support the functional ability of elderly people using performance indicators.

The training covers the most common indicators used for measuring the functional ability of elderly people in workplaces, including usage, interpretation and the application of the results in care work.

Target group

The training is intended for social welfare and health care work communities who wish to develop and harmonise practices related to assessing and supporting the functional ability of elderly people.


1. The functional ability assessment process

  • Assessing the starting point
  • Assessment implementation and interpreting the results
  • Learning about important workplace indicators, such as general functional ability indicators, cognitive and physical performance indicators, and measurements under special circumstances (e.g., nutrition, pain, substance use)

2. Supporting and monitoring functional ability

3. Applying the indicators at work

4. Applying the results in elderly care

5. A plan for utilising functional ability indicators and applying related results in practice

The training may include independent work, such as an assignment or preparative work prior to group meetings.


The training is intended for work communities and can be implemented on the customer’s premises or in the facilities of Turku University of Applied Sciences.


The price of the services varies according to customer and is based on the training implementation method, contents and scope as well as the number of participants. For example, for a 3-5 days training the price is starting from 200€/person/day (min 10 participants).