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Page updated 2.6.2015

Terminal Care – Customised Training

Diverse terminal care and palliative care training

Turku University of Applied Sciences

  • offers diverse terminal care and palliative care training
  • serves as a partner for developing terminal care work communities
  • participates in extensive national research projects, initiatives and training and annually help numerous professionals and work communities improve their terminal care expertise

You can utilise our solid competence, networks and diverse learning and teaching methods in developing your work community’s expertise in the field of terminal care.

The training is intended for social welfare and health care work communities who treat terminally ill patients. 


The objective is to enhance the participants' competence in providing comprehensive support to a terminally ill patient and his or her family and in providing care in different environments.

The training offers work communities a starting point for the systematic development of terminal care.


The contents of the training can be customised according the customer’s wishes to include, for example, the following themes:

I Ethical issues
• Decision to begin terminal care, living will, authority to supervise interests
• A good death, proper terminal care
• Multiculturalism in terminal care 

II Good terminal care
• The needs of a dying patient
• The proper, symptomatic care of a dying patient as a starting point for comprehensive terminal care
• The special characteristics of different patient groups
• Encountering and supporting the patient’s family

III Terminal care as a part of my work 
• The service and care chain of a terminal care patient
• Terminal care at home
• Multidisciplinary teamwork in terminal care
• Staff welfare and occupational well‑being

Training methods

The training is customised according to customer.  We recommend multiprofessional team training where the entire care team (nurses and physicists) of the work community takes part in the training.

The training may include simulation and online teaching. Contact teaching can take place in the facilities of Turku University of Applied Sciences or on the customer’s premises.

We also offer work communities individual consulting and expert services related to terminal care development.


The price of the services varies according to customer and is based on the training implementation method, contents and scope as well as the number of participants. For example, for a 3-5 days training the price is starting from 200€/person/day (min 10 participants).