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Entrance Examinations 2017

All eligible applicants for the Bachelor's degree programmes are invited to the entrance examinations by e-mail in the end of March. Check your e-mail and also the trash mail folder regularly. Examination dates in Finland are listed below.

Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing: 21 April 2017 (at Ruiskatu 8, Turku, the exam is held only in Finland, results from other degree programmes' exams are not accepted)
Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business Online: 19 April 2017
Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology: 20 April 2017

Further information on the entrance examinations is available on the degree programmes' pages.

Cooperating UAS Bachelor’s Degree Programmes, spring 2017

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This is a list of university of applied sciences (UAS) degree programmes that accept the results of each other’s entrance examination in the mentioned field of study. This list applies only to spring application 2017.

Applicant who has applied to 1-6 degree programmes that are included in the same field of study and accept each other’s results will be invited only to one entrance examination. The result (of the entrance examination) will be accepted in all the cooperating degree programmes that the applicant has applied to (if the applicant is eligible). Please note, that only the highest option within the same examination group can invite you to the entrance examination.

Notice, that if you are not an eligible applicant, there is a chance that you still might be invited for the entrance examination via discretionary admission. However, you may not be invited for your highest preference, but to some lower option. Each UAS which uses discretionary admission makes the decision autonomously.

Business and Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration, full-time studies

Arcada UAS, International Business
HAMK UAS, International Business
JAMK UAS, International Business
Kajaani UAS, KAMK, International Business
Karelia UAS, International Business
Lahti UAS, International Business
Lapland UAS, International Business, Rovaniemi
Laurea UAS, Business Management
Oulu UAS, International Business
Saimaa UAS, International Business, Lappeenranta
Seinäjoki UAS, International Business
XAMK UAS, International Business, Kouvola
Tampere UAS, International Business
Turku UAS, International Business, Online
Vaasa UAS, International Business

Technology, Bachelor of Engineering, full-time studies

Arcada UAS, Materials Processing Technology
HAMK UAS, Construction Engineering
HAMK UAS, Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology
HAMK UAS, Electrical and Automation Engineering
JAMK UAS, International Logistics
Helsinki Metropolia UAS, Electronics
Helsinki Metropolia UAS, Information Technology
XAMK UAS, Environmental Engineering
XAMK UAS, Information Technology
Oulu UAS, Information Technology
Saimaa UAS, Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology, Lappeenranta
Turku UAS, Information and Communication Technology
Vaasa UAS, Information Technology

FINNIPS entrance examinations outside Finland in spring 2017

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TUAS arranges entrance examinations for the degree programmes in Information and Communications Technology and International Business Online also outside Finland in cooperation with FINNIPS network in the countries listed below. The exams outside Finland will be arranged in April. The entrance examination can be taken either in Finland or outside Finland in one of the countries where FINNIPS organizes them.

In spring 2017, the network will arrange entrance examinations in twelve countries outside Finland (please note that changes may occur):

  • Brazil: São Paulo
  • China: Guangzhou and Wuhan
  • Estonia: Tallinn
  • Germany: exam city to be confirmed
  • Great Britain: London
  • Hungary: Budapest
  • Kazakhstan: Astana
  • Kenya: Nairobi
  • Nepal: Kathmandu
  • Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • USA: Chicago
  • Vietnam: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Please visit the FINNIPS website for further information:



Admission Results

Autumn 2017 joint application results of admission are published on 24 November 2017 at the latest. You will receive an email with a link to the admission results when all the results have been published. Please note that the message might end up to the trash mail folder. Acceptance from the wait list ends on 18 December 2017.

The study place must be confirmed by 3 pm on 8 December 2017 (not applicable to those who are accepted from the waiting list after 24 November). You need to confirm the study place by the deadline or you will lose your place. Admission is conditional until the UAS has checked the required school and employment certificates. The admission will be cancelled if an applicant fails to submit certificates by the specified deadline, or if an applicant has provided false information.

For further information on admission results of joint application, please visit .

If you are accepted to TUAS and want to confirm the study place, please read the instructions for new students .