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Bachelor of Business Administration, Immigrant Students at Business Academy

Bachelor of Business Administration, Immigrant Students at Business Academy

Are you aiming for a top position in business expertise tasks? Do you want to become an international team expert and work in a multidisciplinary, multicultural operating environment? The Bachelor of Business Administration degree offers you attractive employment opportunities both in Finland and abroad. With us you can study with state-of-the-art learning methods that are relevant for your future career. At Business Academy you will specialize in innovative business and entrepreneurship. 

The Immigrant Students at Business Academy programme is aimed for a person with an immigrant backround and who has earlier completed the minimum of 100 ECTS credits of studies in the field of business or other suitable field. Immigrant refers to such foreign national who has moved to Finland and has already lived in Finland for a longer time. The person may have the citizenship of Finland or another country. Persons who have received their basic education in Finland are not eligible to apply for the degree programme. 

Studies at Business Academy

BA will give you extensive business knowledge through projects, cooperative activities and encounters with customers and companies. During the studies, you will learn to act independently as an entrepreneur and as part of a team while at the same time building networks. The studies will prepare you for positions of responsibility either as an employee or an entrepreneur. Our cooperative activities are a safe environment to learn the Finnish business practices and how to run a business. 

At the early stage of the studies, the main language of instruction is English. However, Finnish language learning will be an integral part of your studies from the start. As you progress with your studies, the proportion of Finnish-language instruction and study will gradually increase. 

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree requires 210 ECTS credits and comprises basic and professional studies, elective studies, practical training and the Bachelor's thesis. Students selected for the degree programme must have completed at least 100 ECTS credits of applicable higher-education studies. Based on the recognized previous studies, each student will be following an individual study plan, detailing the remaining studies to be completed. The studies will be completed at a swift pace within 1.5 years, which means e.g. that there will be no summer break in 2018.

How to Apply?

Teh application period has ended.

Student selection will be based on previous university education, learning competencies, and an entrance exam. The studies start on January 2018. 

More information at Studyinfo

At Studyinfo you'll find

  • student selection criteria
  • eligibility criteria
  • more information about the degree programme
  • the application form

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Entrance examination

Student selection will be based on previous university education, learning competencies, and an entrance exam.

The entrance exams will be held at Turku University of Applied Sciences on 15 and 16 November for those applicants who have applied to the degree programme before 4 November. The entrance exam takes one day, so applicants are invited to attend the exam on one day only. The entrance exam will take a full day.

Those applicants who have applied on 4 November or later will be invited separately to the entrance exam (not taking part to the exam on 15 or 16 November).

The invitation will be sent by email to the address provided on the Studyinfo application form. (Remember to check also the junk mail on your email inbox.)

Three times as many applicants will be invited to the entrance exam as will be enrolled. The applicants to be invited to the entrance exam are selected based on their scores awarded for previous studies and learning competencies. Remember to submit the required attachments (certificate copies, CV) by the given deadline. 

The purpose of the entrance exam is to measure the student’s ability to complete a higher-education degree in business and their Finnish and/or English skills. The entrance exam has a written and an oral part. There will be no material to study in advance for the entrance exam. 



The project is subsidized by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.