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Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing

Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing

The overall aim of the degree programme in nursing is to educate students from the point of view of working in international and multicultural nursing contexts. Nurse education covers all the fields included in nursing care, and provides the students with skills to support individuals, families and communities in order to help them achieve favourable health and avoid illness.

A nurse is able to carry out and develop nursing which both promotes and maintains health, prevents illnesses and heals and rehabilitates. A nurse works independently as a nursing expert when treating patients and, at the same time, carries out medical treatment of the patient as prescribed by the doctor. 

Only graduated, registered general nurses can act in the nurse’s profession. You are able to apply for professional rights after graduation from the permission office and supervision office of National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, Valvira.

Study contents

The main teaching language is English, but also Finnish at certain level is needed at clinical practice. The studies consist of core and professional studies, free-choice studies, the Bachelor's thesis and practical training. Studies contain lectures, network and simulation teaching, independent studies and clinical practice.

The objective of the core studies is that the student develops his or her skills in communications and internationalism, adopts evidence-based work methods as a healthcare expert and acquires the language skills needed in the profession. During the professional studies the student will develop in addressing health problems of people of different ages and will become familiar with the essential problem areas and adaptations in his or her respective professional field. 

The practical training is an essential part of the studies. Part of the training is completed as class and simulation exercises in a classroom environment, where the student practices and develops his or her basic skills. The other part of training is completed as clinical practice in working life. 

Content of the studies (click to open the pdf file)

How to Apply?

Next application period is on 10 - 25 January 2017.

Applications are submitted through the online joint application system at Read more about joint application.

More information at Studyinfo

At Studyinfo you'll find

  • student selection criteria
  • eligibility criteria
  • health requirements
  • more information about the degree programme
  • the application form

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Parts of the entrance exam:

1) Pre-reading material

Principles Of Anatomy And Physiology 12th Ed G. Tortora, B 

  • 61-163 (The cellular level of organization, The tissue level of organization, The integumentary system)
  • 198-257 (The skeletal system: The axial skeleton; The skeletal system: The appendicular skeleton)
  • 337-409 (The muscular system)
  • 689-740 (The cardiovascular system: The blood; The cardiovascular system: The heart)
  • 760-781 ja 786-822 (The cardiovascular system: Blood vessels and haemodynamics)
  • 874-896 (The respiratory system)
  • 921-966 (The digestive system)
  • 1018-1046 (The urinary system)

2) Mathematics
3) English language test
4) Finnish language test (level B1 required)

All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility will be invited to sit an entrance examination.


Entrance examination

An entrance examination in Health Care and Social Services places emphasis on aptitude for the field by assessing motivation and social, learning and work skills. Those admitted to programmes are required to have a suitable health status for the field. The entrance examination result is valid for the duration of the application period in question.

Admission is conditional until the university of applied sciences has checked school certificates for those admitted and received any evidence of health status that it may have requested. 

A university of applied sciences may cancel admission for the following reasons:

  • An applicant fails to submit certificates by the deadline specified by the university of applied sciences.
  • An applicant has provided false information about his or her grades.
  • An applicant cannot be considered fit to study on a Health Care programme due to his or her health status.

Time: 21.4.2017 
Place: (Please note! The only place for entrance exam!)
Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku Ruiskatu Campus, Ruiskatu 8, 20720 Turku, Finland