Page updated 9.12.2019

Application Instructions

How to apply:

Applications are filled electronically via The study programmes are listed in Studyinfo and our website. Read the following instructions carefully, then click the programme you wish to apply in order to proceed with your application.

Selection criteria:

1. lottery: Bachelor's level path study programmes (if there are more applicants than study places)
2. motivation letter: all Master's level path studies

Student selection deadline:

Results are published exclusively in Check the date on the Path Studies -page. You can check the results (including waitlist offers) by logging into My Studyinfo. Please check the results daily in My Studyinfo. Automatic e-mails sent from Studyinfo about receiving a study place may not arrive in your inbox at all due to your email client's spam filter settings so remember to check your bin folder. Applicants will also receive an e-mail about the student selection result.

Confirmation or cancellation of study place:

1. Log into My Studyinfo and either confirm or cancel your study place within 5 days after you have received an offer for a study place at Studyinfo. Your study place will be cancelled if you do not confirm it by the given deadline.

2. In addition to accepting the study place, you need to register as an attending student. You can register electronically through the My Studyinfo service when accepting your study place (a link to the service will be activated when you have accepted the study place). A path student cannot enrol as a non-attending student nor postpone their studies to the next semester.

3. Students who are given waitlist offers have 5 days to accept the study place.

4. Please read our cancellation policy before cancelling your study place.

If you decide not to accept the study place, please cancel it in My Studyinfo. This makes it possible to give the waitlist offer to the next person in queue right away.

Cancellation Policy

By accepting the student place, the student commits themselves to paying the tuition fee. The free-of-charge cancellation must be made by rejecting the student place by the closing date for accepting the student place that is announced in the Studyinfo service.

In case you choose to cancel your path studies after accepting it (in which case the full fee of EUR 200 will be charged), or you later apply to and receive a study place as a degree student (in which case no fee is charged), you must cancel your study place via our cancellation form . Cancellation of your studies by informing a teacher, student office or any other member of our staff will not be accepted.

Diploma Prerequisites

Bachelor's level path studies do not have prerequisites for admission (e.g IB Diploma) and they are open for everyone. 

Master's level path studies require an appropriate UAS Bachelor’s degree or another appropriate higher education degree completed in Finland, and a motivation description letter and CV. Read the specific admission criteria from Studyinfo. Note! The requirement for three years’ relevant work experience after completing a higher education degree does not apply to path students. The required work experience must be completed by the time you apply to become a degree student via separate application.

Requests for Rectification in Student Selection

Filing requests for rectification regarding student selection concerns degree students only. A request for rectification cannot be filed on the Open University of Applied Sciences student selection.