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ICT City

The modern premises in ICT City are a part of TUAS’ Kupittaa Campus and Turku Science Park. For example future bachelors of social services, dental technicians, emergency nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, radiographers, nurses and engineers study on the campus. Both teaching and administrative staff of TUAS work in the building.

Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki is located next to ICT City. It is a joint visitor centre for the city of Turku and companies and universities in the Turku area. 

The ICT City building is designed to allow easy access for people in wheelchairs. The elevators are sized to fit a wheelchair. Each floor has three elevators. The floor buttons are placed lower, and can be reached also by those using a wheelchair.

The campus has a limited number of parking spaces. Whenever possible, please use other traffic connections when arriving at Kupittaa. The parking spaces in the area are subject to a charge.

Driving to the parking spaces below ICT City takes place through the entrance and exit gates on Joukahaisenkatu. This also applies delivery traffic. The maximum height for vehicles is 3.20 m.


  • Joukahaisenkatu 3, Turku

Opening hours

  • Lobby service is available on weekdays Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00
    tel. 050 515 0601
    email: ict-city(at)
  • Main doors are open on weekdays Mon-Fri  7:45-18:30
    A-wing's doors are open on weekdays Mon-Fri 7:45-17:00
  • Students and staff can enter with their access control tags also outside the opening hours.



  • The ICT-City building has been designed to allow easy access for people in wheelchairs.



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For Visitors

  • It is easy to access ICT City both from the centre of Turku as well as from other cities. The Kupittaa Railway station is only a few minutes’ walk from ICT City. It takes under half an hour to reach the ICT City from the airport. 
  • ICT City can also be reached easily by bus. Busses 32 and 42 services near the building. For timetables and more stop and route information visit Journey Planner (Föli Turku Region Traffic)




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