Page updated 14.8.2018

Data protection

Data protection is important to us, and we take it very seriously. We are committed to ensuring that the data of our students, personnel and other stakeholders is processed lawfully and professionally at Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS).

We have a designated data protection officer (DPO) at Turku University of Applied Sciences. The DPO monitors that the processing of personal data is carried out lawfully and contributes to TUAS in fulfilling its obligations related to data protection. TUAS students, personnel and other parties may contact the DPO in all matters related to processing of their personal data.

If you have any concerns related to data protection, please contact the DPO at

Emails sent to the DPO email address will be handled by the DPO together with a data protection specialist who will also act as a deputy DPO, when needed. If both of the above-mentioned parties are unavailable for handling an email message, the message will be automatically forwarded within the organization. This way, we can ensure that matters related to data protection are handled as soon as possible, also during absences.

If you do not feel comfortable sending data via email, please contact us first, so we can agree on a suitable delivery method separately.

Privacy notices

According to General Data Protection Regulation, the Data Subject (i.e. students, staff and stakeholders) must be informed about the processing of personal data. Privacy notices regarding the processing of personal data are available on the right side of the page.

Stakeholder activities:
The processing of personal data regarding businesses and individuals, such as newsletter subscriptions.

Privacy policy on the TUAS website:
Processing of personal data on the website

The processing of personal data in the library operations