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Starting the Studies

Please check the starting date, time and place of your degree programme below. During the first days you will have necessary information and material for studying. You will also get to know your student group, teachers and the study enviroment. On the first day of studies you need to bring with you an official ID.

User ID and using your own laptop in the studies

You can activate your user ID to TUAS IT systems on 2 January 2020 at the earliest at > Register.

  • You need to authenticate with bank ID or mobile certificate to be able to activate the user ID through the website.
  • Please try again later if activating is not working yet. If you cannot activate the user ID before starting the studies, please contact servicedesk (at)
  • If you cannot authenticate with bank ID or mobile certificate, you can get your user ID by personally visiting the Student Office  on the first day of the studies and prove your identity with passport or official ID card.

Along with e.g. different cloud services, Turku University of Applied Sciences will increasingly require students to have their own laptops during schooldays.

  • Please check this file which includes information of using your own laptop in studying: Download
  • Further information on TUAS IT services is available here .

Campuses and transport connections

Information on the campus opening hours, parking and transport connections is available on the campus introduction pages:

Timetables and New Student's Guide

Timetables for the spring semester 2020 first weeks will be published at on 20 December 2019 at the earliest. You can find the group ID, starting place and time as well as other relevant information in the group info below. Read also other practical information in the New Student's Guide.

Starting time and place

Degree programmes starting in January 2020 Starting date, time and place / Open link

Master of Business Administration, Business Management

Info for starting the studies  (updated on 27 Nov)
Master of Business Administration, Sales Management Info for starting the studies  (updated on 27 Nov)

See also the New Student´s Guide .