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Page updated 7.2.2023
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Starting the Studies

Congratulations on your study place and welcome to study in Turku University of Applied Sciences! These instructions are for those who are accepted in spring 2023 joint application to English conducted degree programmes in Turku UAS.

Please read the instructions on the page carefully, separate starting instructions will not be sent. Before starting your studies, you should activate your user ID and complete the DigiStart.

Please check the starting date, time and place of your degree programme from the table at the bottom of the page. It is important to participate in the starting day because that's where you will be given all the necessary information to succeed in your studies. You will also get to know your student group, teachers and the study environment. On the first day of studies you need to bring with you passport or official valid ID. If the starting meeting is online, be prepared to show your valid ID online.

User ID

Activate your user ID to Turku UAS IT systems at id.turkuamk.fi > Register. Activation is possible for new degree students after 1 August 2023.

  • If you are accepted after 1 August from the waiting list or as a path student, you can activate your user ID in about a week after you have confirmed the study place at  My Studyinfo and registered as attending for the academic year.
  • The service requires authentication with a bank ID or a mobile certificate. once you have accepted a place and registered for attendance in Study Path.
  • If you do not have a Finnish social security number, you need to register a foreigner’s user identifier and authenticate via the e-form. Please refer to the instructions below.
  • Please try again later if activating is not working yet.
  • If you cannot activate the user ID with the instructions above, please contact servicedesk (at) turkuamk.fi
  • Your student number, user ID and email address show up in the end of activating, please write them down for future need.

Turku University of Applied Sciences user IDs require multi-factor authentication (MFA). Please register MFA after activating your user ID. Read the instructions at https://www.tuas.fi/mfa.

Registering a foreigner’s user identifier and filling the e-form

You will need a valid passport or an EU-approved identity card and a smartphone capable of taking photos to register.

Register a foreigner’s user identifier

Please use your computer instead of your phone to complete this step.

  1. Open the following link in a web browser: Finnish authenticator identification service
  2. Click the title "How to get a foreigner's user identifier?" and follow the steps.

ID proofing

After registering, you need to do the ID proofing.

Open the following link in a web browser: Finnish authenticator identification service . Click the title “How to do the ID proofing with the app?”, which can be found below the first title on the webpage. Complete the steps. Please log in to the Finnish Authenticator Service with your computer and use the app that will be installed to your phone during this step only when needed. If you run into problems, you can find some help topics beneath the instructions on the Finnish authenticator identification service webpage.

Authenticating to the e-form

When you have done the ID proofing, you can authenticate to the e-form with the Finnish Authenticator service.

  1. First you should see the e-Identification page. Select “Identification methods for foreigners” at the bottom of the page. Then select “Finnish Authenticator app”.
  2. Enter your UID or your email and password.
  3. Select one of the registered apps to authenticate with.
  4. Tend to the app and enter your PIN.
  5. The screen requesting to run app will automatically disappear after the authentication has been completed.

You should now see the e-form. Please fill in and verify your information. After that, press Save.

Delivery of user ID

After successful authentication to the e-form, you will receive an email containing information on how to activate your user ID.


Start your studies now – go online with Digistart!

Start your studies by completing your first steps as a Turku UAS student. Digistart gives you all you need to know about studying at Turku UAS before your actual studies start. You will learn about various aspects of your studies here, such as our approach to studying, the tools we use, and support for studies. You will receive a badge after successful completion of the course.

The course is available on our online learning environment, itslearning. Please follow the instructions below to start the course:

  • Log in at https://turkuamk.itslearning.com
  • Select ’Login with HAKA’ and use the ID that you received when you activated your Turku UAS user ID
  • On the front page of itslearning, please choose ’Courses’ and then click on ’Digistart, autumn 2023’
  • Follow the instructions given on the course page.
  • Digistart is a comprehensive package of information that you don't have to study all at once. You can return to the course at any time during your studies to find the information you need. 

You must activate your Turku UAS user ID to access the course. Digistart will be visible to all new students by 1 August 2023 at the latest. It is a good idea to start the course straight away, so that you have the best possible start for your studies. Once you are familiar with the approaches and tools for learning, you are ready to start your studies at Turku UAS!

Digistart is available in English and Finnish. The language is determined according to your degree programme.

If you cannot find Digistart course in itslearning, you can join the course by yourself. Choose in itslearning Courses > All courses > Site course catalogue and join the Digistart course.

If you need help with Digistart, please contact us at: digistartti@turkuamk.fi



Preliminary timetables for the autumn semester 2023 first weeks will be published by 1 June 2023 at lukkari.turkuamk.fi. You can find your own schedule by filtering "group search" and by filling in your study group ID in the box. Then press search and add the group ID to the schedule. Your study group ID can be found in the table at the bottom of the page.  

Please note that changes to timetables are always possible and you should always check the timetable before lessons.


Tuudo - a Mobile App for Students

Download Tuudo mobile application as soon as you have received information about study place in Turku UAS. Tuudo is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. Find Turku University of Applied Sciences in the menu and choose New Student button when you can access the content without logging in.

In Tuudo, you can see for example campus maps and general news for students. Later when you have activated your user ID and log in to Tuudo, you can also see your personal timetable, follow the progress of your studies and reserve rooms for studying. You can also start using Tuudo's digital student card which entitles KELA-sponsored student meals and discounts on services such as VR, Matkahuolto and Turku region traffic Föli starting from the first day of the studies.

The student card is located at the top right corner of the Tuudo app’s side menu. The "Korttilompakko" icon at the top of the menu takes you to the card view. You must upload your own photo before you can use the card. The photo must be clear and identifiable. Please select the photo carefully, as you cannot change it before the beginning of the next semester. Enabling a student card in Tuudo is easy:
1.    Download Tuudo to your phone and log in with the Turku UAS login details.
2.    Open Student card in the app and follow the instructions to create a card for yourself.


Using your own laptop in the studies

Along with e.g. different cloud services, Turku University of Applied Sciences will increasingly require students to have their own laptops during schooldays.


Obligatory student healthcare fee

You must pay the student healthcare fee if you are studying for a bachelor's or master's level university degree and have registered as attending for the current term. You must pay the fee even if you do not receive student financial aid or if you use occupational or other health services instead of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

You are not billed for the student healthcare fee but must make sure to pay it in OmaKela for each academic term. Visit Kela’s website for information about how to pay the student healthcare fee.

The due date for paying the student healthcare fee is determined based on the date on which you register as attending.

  • For the autumn term, the due date is 30 September provided you have registered as attending by then. If you register as attending for the autumn term on or after 1 October, the due date is 31 December.
  • For the spring term, the due date is 31 January provided you have registered as attending by then. If you register as attending for the spring term on or after 1 February, the due date is 31 July.

If you have social security coverage in another EU/EEA country or in Switzerland or the United Kingdom, you do not have to pay the healthcare fee. However, you can to use the FSHS’s services. Visit Kela’s website for information about how to proceed if you have social security coverage in another EU/EEA country or in Switzerland or the United Kingdom.

Students from other EU or EEA countries must to provide a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when accessing FSHS services. The FSHS will be required by law to ask to see a European Health Insurance Card to identify students who are covered by state-provided health insurance from a country other than Finland. The card must be obtained before coming to Finland. Students from Britain and Northern Ireland may provide a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). Read more on FSHS website.

See FSHS video for new students

Read also the brochure about Finnish Student Health Services FSHS.  

Campuses and transport connections

Information on the campus opening hours, parking and transport connections is available on the campus introduction pages.


When you have been absent for the first year and are now starting your studies

If you have been absent for the first academic year and now want to know your starting group and start your studies, you can find instructions for enrolling as a present student on the Current and Former Students page


Starting time and place

The starting dates and places for each programme will be published on this page on Friday 5 May 2023. In the table you will find the start date and place of your programme, your study group ID and contact details. Changes to the instructions are possible. Please follow the information on this page. 

In the Tuudo app, you can find campus maps of Turku University of Applied Sciences and search for facilities by name. Check the exact location of the starting place in Tuudo. 

During the orientation days, you can eat at the student restaurant on campus at your own expense. To get the student discounts, you need to activate your Turku UAS user ID and download the Tuudo app before the first day of school.

Degree programmes starting in autumn 2023 

Bachelor's degree Study Group ID Starting date and time  Starting place Contact information






Master's degree Study Group ID Starting date and time  Starting place/ Link Contact information Note 




See the Instructions (PDF)

See the Instructions (PDF)



See the Instructions (PDF) See the Instructions (PDF)  


New Student's Guide

Read other practical information about studying at Turku University of Applied Sciences in the New Student's Guide.

Read also the updating information about preparing for the coronavirus at Turku University of Applied Sciences