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Page updated 3.11.2023
TUAS library customer carrying books

Welcome to Turku UAS Library

You find material for studying, teaching, research, and professional development in your field at the Turku UAS library. During the library opening hours, you can get guidance for using the library and searching for materials. 

Anyone can apply for a library card and borrow materials from us for free.

Loan periods

Books and theses 28 days
Electronic theses free to read at Turku UAS Finna and at Theseus
Textbooks 14 days
Videos, DVDs and CDs 14 days
Sheet music 28 days
Reference collection items

overnight / weekend loan 

Borrow from library staff one hour before the end of the service hours. Return to the same campus library the next working day in the beginning of the service hours.

Printed journals  loan period varies

Materials in the campus libraries focus on the specific degree programmes taught at each Turku UAS campus. More specific information on the library materials, their loan periods and the specific location of the material is available in Turku UAS' Finna service. See more about how to search information .

Besides loanable materials a wide selection of e-books, e-journals and databases is available online. E-books are used with Turku UAS' Haka user ID. In Turku UAS library Information and Research Guides, you can find useful tips and instructions for information seeking and using electronic resources.

Students with print disabilities, for example dyslexia, physical limitations or visual disability, can borrow textbooks as audiobooks from the Accessibility Library Celia. You can register for Celia's services by visiting the campus libraries during the service hours.

Do you need materials from another campus library?

We deliver intercampus loans in case you need material that is located in the campus library which you are not able to visit. Note that reference materials are not available for intercampus loans. Make a reservation in Turku UAS Finna. You will receive a notice when the requested material is ready for pickup at the library you selected. 

Library card

Anyone can apply for a library card and borrow materials from us for free. Turku UAS library is open to all: you are welcome to continue using the library after you have graduated or stopped working at Turku UAS.

The patron data is registered in the library patron register, for which the statutory description of the personal data file  (pdf) has been drawn. 

The library card is for personal use only, and the library card holder is responsible for all loans borrowed with the card. By applying a library card you agree to abide by the library regulations. If you lose your library card, inform the library immediately.

Apply for a library card

If you are a degree student at Turku UAS, you can apply for a library card online. This way you will get a mobile library card. Send an email message from your Turku UAS email to library(a)turkuamk.fi . In the message field, type your name and date of birth.

We will notify you once the mobile library card is ready for use. If needed, you can also get a physical library card producing a valid ID during campus libraries’ service hours.

Turku UAS staff, fill in the library card application online . Please fill in also your personal mobile phone number and email address.

We will notify you once the mobile library card is ready for use. If needed, you can also get a physical library card producing a valid ID during campus libraries’ service hours.

Open studies students, path students and other customers, fill in the library card application online. Your library card is ready to pick up from any of Turku UAS campus libraries during service hours . You must produce a valid ID when picking up the library card. You will receive a library card, which also includes a mobile card. 

Library cards of other university libraries can be used as a Turku UAS library card.

In addition to your library card you will need a PIN code when borrowing books on the self-check machines of the campus libraries. Read more on PIN code .

Mobile card

All those registered as customers of Turku UAS' library have a mobile library card in Turku UAS' Finna. First, log in Turku UAS' Finna, click on the human figure icon and select Library cards. You can use the mobile card similarly to the physical library card. 

Changes in contact details

Turku UAS students' personal and contact details are updated into the library management system automatically through the student register (PEPPI). The library notices will always be sent to the official Turku UAS email address for students and staff.

If you are not a Turku UAS student, always inform the library about changes in your contact information . To receive notices about reservations and loans, inform the library when your email changes. In case you use the Turku UAS library card in any other library, remember to inform the changes there as well.


Loans are automatically renewed for 12 months unless there are reservations for them. If your loan cannot be automatically renewed, you will receive a return notice three days prior to the due date and once more on the due date. When the renewal times reach the maximum limit, loans must either be returned or renewed at the library.  

Overnight or weekend loans will not be automatically renewed.


You can return your loans at any of the Turku UAS campus libraries. You can return your loans at any of the Turku UAS campus libraries excluding EduCity:

  • At Kupittaa Campus library, Lemppari, with the self-check machine during the opening hours and outside the opening hours, in the return drop-box in the campus lobby by the library door or outside in the library premises. 
  • At Arts library Sigyn, with the self-check machine or to the staff during the library opening hours, with the self-check machine or in the return drop-box located in the library premises.
  • At Salo campus library, with self-check machine during the library opening hours.

Library card is not needed when returning loans. Please note that the loan period ends on the due date as the campus library closes. Loans returned in the return drop-box after the library has closed will be removed from the borrower's account only when the library re-opens. NB. The return drop-boxes located inside the buildings are available on weekdays only according to the opening hours of campuses. 

Overdue loans are charged. Overdue fines must be paid even if the reminder notices about the due date or overdue loans do not reach you. The fines can be paid online in Turku UAS' Finna or with a debit card at the Kupittaa campus library, Lemppari or Arts library Sigyn. 

You will be sent three return notices by email if you have overdue loans. After the third notice a bill for replacement costs of the material will be sent to you. 


You can reserve an item by logging into Turku UAS Finna or by contacting the library. You can reserve items which are on loan, items available on the self located in the storage. You can pick up your reservation from the Turku UAS campus library of your choosing. 

Log into Finna with your Turku UAS user ID or use the e-mail login link. Read more about logging in and making a reservation on Finna.

You will receive a notice by email or by mail when the item is ready for pick up. Text books are available for pick-up for three working days and other material for five working days. 

Loans from libraries outside Turku UAS

If you need material that we do not stock at the Turku UAS library nor do other libraries of the local area have it, please contact us and we will find it for you as an interlibrary loan. The loan period as well as other terms and conditions are determined by the sending library. 

You can place the request by email or when visiting any of the Turku UAS campus libraries. The interlibrary loans service is fee-based.

Make an interlibrary loan request

Interlibrary services for libraries

We loan all materials for interlibrary loans with exception of DVDs, CDs and videos, orchestral material, reference material and textbooks. Licenced electronic material is supplied in paper copies, licence agreements permitting.

Interlibrary services are fee-based.

Make an interlibrary loan request

Contact information

tel. +358 2 263 35390