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Page updated 19.1.2022

Regional Ecosystems

Turku UAS plays a significant part in building vitality in Southwest Finland. Our primary task – educating competent professionals for the needs of the working life in the region – is successfully carried out in close cooperation with higher education institutions and companies. 

Needs-oriented regional ecosystems enable the development of new technology and competence. We create an agile and multidisciplinary cooperation model, which answers to complex social problems.

Below you can get to know the themes which our research groups develop in regional RDI ecosystems.

Additive manufacturing

In the regional ecosystem of additive manufacturing, we seek solutions for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing industry.

Additive manufacturing enables the design and short-run production of products which are increasingly better tailored for each customer and testing and product/process development of medical product innovations, such as vaccinations or pharmaceutical products. 

Safe and secure autonomous systems

The regional ecosystem of safe and secure autonomous systems provides companies and researchers the opportunity to test their products in both physical test environments and virtual environments.

In the research and development work, we focus on answering to the energy saving, connectivity, safety and cyber security requirements of remotely controlled, automated and autonomous vehicles.

Clean energy

In the regional ecosystem of clean energy, we search solutions, for example, for the design and implementation principles of scalable hydrogen-based and renewable energy systems.

Energy production in the future will comprise several flexible and decentralized subsystems. Their optimization, design and adjustment are a central part of the ecosystem’s operations. 

Recovery and recycling of materials

In the regional ecosystem of recovery and recycling of materials, we develop processing of recovered materials, create new product ideas, and test the use of biopolymers in close cooperation with companies in the field.

The chemical recycling of recycling materials, recycled plastic and composites and different recycled fibres are an important area of development.  

Virtual platforms

In cooperation with higher education institutions and companies, we create extensive training entities which utilize augmented and virtual reality. The virtual studio is a production method which combines marketing, design and the industries of film, TV, gaming, theatre, and events.

In cooperation with different parties, we ensure the competitiveness of Southwest Finland in the field of AV competence. 

Sports and well-being of children and youths

The operators under Health Campus Turku bring together their competence in the health, exercise and hobby activities of children and youths in this ecosystem.

The regional ecosystem integrates high-quality research, education, and product development with the responsible operators to serve the promotion of the physical activity of children and youths. 

Finnish Archipelago Sea

In the Finnish Archipelago Sea ecosystem, we boost the RDI activities in the field of water by investing in test environments which research facilities and companies can utilize together, and the test results of which the agricultural industry can utilize in their emission control.

The ecosystem’s projects promote water protection, acclimatization to climate change and the creation of new business related to water management.

Virtual model of construction

In the ecosystem of construction, we create prerequisites for a construction process which considers industrial management and engineering solutions in accordance with sustainable development and healthy building with digital means. 

Together with the stakeholders in the field of construction, we develop a virtual model which enables us to perceive the state of urban planning in 10–20 years, foresee the needs of change and present different solutions. 

Product development and project management

The deficiencies in product development and project management often constitute a bottleneck on the way from a product idea to a product in the global market.

Through cooperation and projects, the role of higher education institutions in the region is to increase regional competence in the stages of product development, regulation, and project management in the companies, especially in the leading fields of Southwest Finland. 

Battery recycling

The regional ecosystem of battery recycling aims at developing a third-generation battery system type and piloting a smart and automated battery recycling facility.

Within the ecosystem, we create business in particular related to circular economy and batteries.  

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