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Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology

IT Services

The department of Learning environment services is responsible for IT-services and systems at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Among other things, the department’s goal is to maintain, develop and support TUAS’ IT-infrastructure, systems and services.
Learning takes partly place in electronic services, and that's why it's important to master different applications at the beginning of the studies.

Using your own laptop in the studies

Along with e.g. different cloud services, Turku University of Applied Sciences will increasingly require students to have their own laptops during schooldays.

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E-mail and other Office 365 services

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Turku University of Applied Sciences offers students and staff the organization’s e-mail address at Microsoft Office 365 service:

  • Staff: firstname.lastname ( a )
  • Students: firstname.lastname ( at )

Our other Office 365 services include: OneDrive, a personal storage for saving, sharing and jointly editing files; Skype for Business, IM and online meeting services and Yammer, a joint discussion forum for TUAS’ staff and students.

Service Desk provides support for the Office 365 services.

Service Desk

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If you encounter a problem that hinders your studying, you have questions regarding IT-services or you want to give feedback, just contact Service Desk. The easiest way to do so is to send e-mail to

Service Desk support covers nearly all TUAS IT devices, systems and services. Please note, when having problems with user accounts or passwords, first check the section “User ID’s and passwords”.

You can send messages to Service Desk 24 hours a day and messages are handled during office working hours.

Include the following information when sending a support request:

  • Contact information (name, e-mail, phone number)
  • Student number / username
  • School location
  • Classroom / room
  • As accurate description of the problem as possible
  • E-mail attachment of the problem if necessary


Support for students’ own devices

Support for students' own computers is mainly based on peer support on discussion forums. Kansalaisen IT-Tuki (Citizen’s helpdesk) provides help, guidance and training on computer-related issues free of charge at ICT City.


Usernames and passwords

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To use any TUAS information systems, a valid username and password is required. Students get the required login information at the early stage of their studies. Others may apply for login rights separately via Service Desk, if necessary.

According to the good practice and to improve security, the password must be changed at regular intervals. If the password is not changed, it will expire and access to the information systems is prevented. Reminders to change the password before it expires are sent via e-mail.

The minimum length for a password is 8 characters. The password must contain characters from three of the following categories: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, special characters. Password must not contain characters € ” \ ’ ´ = ?

How can I renew an expired or forgotten password?

An expired password can be changed by logging in to any TUAS computer in any of the campuses or on the ID service ( ).

If you have forgotten your password, you can change it on the ID service ( ). Password can be changed by authenticating with the bank ID or mobile certificate. When choosing the password, the service blocks any characters that are known to cause problems in TUAS IT systems.

You can also get a new password from the Student Office. In case of any problems, please contact Service Desk.

Wireless networks

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Wireless eduroam network is available in all the TUAS campuses.

Turku University of Applied Sciences is part of the international research and education network, so other institutions participating in eduroam can use their accounts in TUAS’ eduroam.

There is a separate network for visitors called TUAS Guest. Users can login to the network with their own email address.

Terms of use

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University of Applied Sciences must secure data confidentiality, integrity and availability of all the users, as well as provide a reliable and secure environment for data processing. These and other rules have been established to help users recognize their rights, responsibilities and obligations.

These rules apply to all systems that are managed by TUAS or TUAS is otherwise responsible for, as well as other services where access has been obtained via TUAS.
Get to know the Terms of Use of Turku University of Applied Sciences by clicking on the links to the right.

Information security

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Turku University of Applied Sciences information security is based on the law, as well as respecting person's privacy and the confidentiality of communications. Information security is managed with national and international regulations, government's instructions and recommendations, as well as CSC - IT Center for Science requirements. Information security actions include electronic, spoken and written forms of information processing, storage, releasing and transferring.

Turku University of Applied Sciences’ senior management takes a stance on information security objectives, liability issues, and the means of implementation of information security policies.

Each TUAS IT-system administrator or user that processes information is required to comply with the set policies and security guidelines

Information Security related notifications can be sent to cert (at)