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Page updated 20.12.2023
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Make safety a habit – for the good of the community

Safety is a part of our everyday operations and quality assurance. With safety measures we protect our staff, students and visitors, basic operations, information, reputation and physical property and other property items.

Our goals in safety work

  • We are an independent, responsible and reliable cooperation partner and a nationally and internationally esteemed operator.
  • We meet the safety requirements which are typical of our field and at least the ones required by law thus that carrying out our most central mission is possible in normal, special and exceptional circumstances. 
  • We are able to offer a safe, appropriate, high-quality and enjoyable work and study environment for our staff, students and interest groups. In this environment, everyone can act freely without experiencing fear for having their mental or physical integrity violated.

Safety work

1. Safety is our common concern.

2. We are all obliged to act in order to promote the preservation of safety, to inform others of dangerous and threatening situations and accidents and, when necessary, to undertake preventive measures and rescue operations.

3. All members of the TUAS community should know their immediate tasks in safety deviation situations (see the Safety Instructions attached).

4. In an emergency, the police and rescue personnel will take charge of operations once they have arrived.

5. Every TUAS campus should also adhere to the safety instructions of their own property.


The people responsible for the operational safety are

  • Director of Services, and under him,
  • the Head of Learning Environment Services, under the supervision of whom
  • Turku UAS’ Security Manager.

In the last resort, the Rector and President is responsible for safety issues.