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Open Studies

Not a degree student? No problem, Open Studies offers courses and paths to a degree for everyone!
Read more and apply!
Page updated 14.4.2021

About Open Studies

Through Open Studies, you can enrol in individual courses or apply to become a path student which allows you to complete the first year of studies from a selection of degree programmes. After completing the first year, you will have the chance to become a degree student via separate application.

Welcome to Turku UAS Open Studies!

Apply for and complete the first year of studies from one of our degree programmes. After successful completion, you will be eligible to apply to become a degree student through separate applications. Cost: EUR 400 / academic year.


Choose from a wide range of courses from online studies to daytime and evening classes. Our selection includes both Bachelor and Master's degree courses. Cost: EUR 15 / ECTS or EUR 200 / semester.



How to enrol? Are there prerequisites for studying? When do I get my invoice? Discover the answers to all of your practical questions about studying through Open Studies here. 


Instructions for starting Open Studies

News Bulletin

4.5. Open UAS studies are free-of-charge in the autumn semester 2020 for unemployed and those who are laid off.

19.3. Due to the coronavirus situation Turku UAS campuses are closed 18th of March - 13th of May. Transcript of records can only be sent without stamp and signature.