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Page updated 2.2.2024

Turku UAS’ publications

Turku UAS has three publication series: Research Reports, Reports and Course Materials. We publish applied research, practices and knowledge tested in development projects, guides for professionals and course material for higher education institutions. All publications undergo an editorial process. The authors are staff members, students and cooperation partners of Turku University of Applied Sciences. Most of the publications can be downloaded free of charge, and some can be ordered as printed versions. 

In the publication search you can browse publications by category or search individual publications in the top right corner on the website of Turku UAS. 

Publication search (in Finnish)

Publications in English

Publications from 2014 or earlier do not have a description on the website of Turku UAS. The direct links to the electronic publications work and can be found with search engines. The descriptions of these older publications, like those of the newer ones, can be found in the libraries’ finna.fi search service.

Publication series

Publications which contain new research results and articles especially from the field of applied research are published in the Research Reports series. The topic of the publication and the methods of the research must meet the requirements of scientific research. 

In the Reports series, we publish different reports and clarifications, which are based on the results of research, development and innovation projects or Master’s theses. 

In the Course Material series, we publish practical guides for professionals and course material for higher education institutions. In addition, the series features guides aimed at the public from different fields.

Other publications

The publication activities of Turku UAS cover scientific, professional and popularized channels and public artistic activities. Get to know our publication strategy. On the website Rersearch.fi you can get to know the publications of all experts from Turku UAS. The articles written by our staff are also self-archived in Theseus. In addition to the publication series, Turku UAS’ own publishing channels include Talk online magazine  and Talk Magazine aimed at stakeholders.