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Page updated 20.9.2023

Electronic Certificate

Turku University of Applied Sciences has issued degree certificates electronically from 2 May 2022. Paper certificates will no longer be handed out. The electronic certificate will meet the challenge of digitalization and improve the reliability of the certificates.

From June 2023 Turku UAS issued electronic certificates also for specialization education programmes and higher education preparatory programme for immigrants.

The electronic certificate is a PDF file signed by Turku University of Applied Sciences' Rector. The electronic signature of the certificate is based on authentication issued by Digital and Population Data Services Agency which is accepted throughout the EU. The certificate conforms to the eIDAS (EU) 910/2014 regulation and fulfills the requirements for an authorised electronic signature.

The electronic certificate is the official and original certificate of which the graduates can print out paper copies if they wish.


Electronic certificates are easy to use and more secured than paper ones

From the graduate's point of view, the electronic certificate improves the management of their own data. The certificate can be easily saved to a cloud service or a memory stick. The electronic certificate does not require a separate verification. Graduates can send the certificate as it is, to the authorities or as an attachment to a job application, for example. If the certificate gets lost a new one can be obtained quickly. Instructions for degree students on how to apply for graduation can be found on Messi.

The reform will not impact on paper certificates already issued and degree certificates and other certificates issued before 2 May 2022 will not be changed into electronic certificates.

The electronic certificate is also an environmental act and for Turku University of Applied Sciences it is a step towards carbon positivity, as papers and folders are no longer needed for certificates and archive copies and postage is no longer required.

Validator of the signature on the certificate

Employers and other recipients of the certificate can check the authenticity of the certificate on the validation page of Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Further information on the electronic degree certificate is available from the Turku University of Applied Sciences Student Office.