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Page updated 31.3.2021
Open Studies

For new path students

Congratulations on your path study place and welcome to Turku University of Applied Sciences!

The "For new path students"  page contains information on path studies and group-specific instructions on the starting locations and times. Get to know the instructions right after having accepted the study place. Any separate instructions will not be sent by email to those who have been selected in path studies.

Take with you an ID with a photo on the first day of studies!

During the study days you are also required to have your own laptop, as Turku UAS has increased the use of students’ own devices in studies. More information on using your own computer in studies.

Before the studies start

Activating the user ID

You can activate your user IDs about a week before the studies start. Activate your user ID at https://id.turkuamk.fi . If you're unable to activate the user ID, try again later. If you are unable to activate your user ID before the studies start, please contact servicedesk[at]turkuamk.fi.

Registering the user ID in the ID service requires Finnish banking codes or mobile ID for authentication. If you do not have a Finnish social security number, please contact servicedesk[at]turkuamk.fi.

In connection with the registeration, you will receive your user ID, email address and student ID code. Please write them down!

Log in the systems - email, Peppi, Optima, Messi, Tuudo, study guide and course search

After registering your user ID, log in Turku UAS' systems. You do not have to select the courses to be completed in path studies independently beforehand. Support will be provided during the orientation week. During the orientation week, we will also get to know the systems in more detail.

Orientation to studies

Those who have accepted a study place shall arrive at the study orientation. No separate instructions will be sent to the student on starting the studies. The required instructions are available on this page.

No separate orientation is organized for path students. Path students participate in the orientation for degree students. The time can be found in the group-specific instructions at the end of this page. During the orientation days, you will get to know the study practices, teachers and other group members.

The orientation days are a compulsory part of the studies. If for compelling reasons you are unable to participate in the orientation or have been accepted to the studies after the orientation week has already started, please concact the Study Counsellor of your field. The contact information can be found in the group-specific instructions.



Length of the path studies

Path students may study at Turku UAS for academic year (i.e. two semesters). Hence, the right to study ends either on 31 July (those who have started their studies in the autumn) or 31 December (those who started in the spring).

You cannot apply for extension on the path studies. If you are unable to complete the required credits by the end of the application period through separate application through Open UAS, you can select courses in the supply of Open Studies. The courses are subject to a charge. Please note that courses from all fields or all courses are not offered.

Benefits and rights of path students

Path students complete their studies in the degree student's groups and are a part of Turku UAS' student community. Path studies do not lead to a degree, and thus some of the benefits and rights differ from those of degree students. However, many services offered to students also apply to path students. More specific information on different services is available on each service's website.

As a path student, you can..

  • get a small discount from student cafeterias in Turku and on Salo IoT Campus with a meal subsidy card
  • apply for specific allowances (not student financial aid) on a case-by-case basis
    • More specific information under Student aid
  • apply for student apartments from Turku Student Village Foundation
  • be entitled for student discount of the Föli travel card ( more specific terms here )
  • become a member of Student Union TUO and order a green student card 
  • obtain user rights to CampusSport ’s sport services
  • access the Study Counsellor’s services
  • utilize the Study Counselling Psychologist’s services
  • complete Open Studies’ evening courses free of charge
  • complete CampusOnline courses free of charge
  • complete practical training as a part of your studies
  • use the same software and complete the same certificates as the degree students
  • apply as a degree student at TUAS through the open studies pathway

Meal subsidy card for path students

Path students are not eligible for meal subsidy from Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland). Path students may get a meal card, with which the price of a meal in student cafeterias in Salo and Turku is about EUR 4.60. The meal cards are distributed during the orientation week. If you are unable to attend the orientation week or you misplace your meal card, you can obtain a new card from the Student Office’s service point.

Path students cannot..

  • get the study grant or student loan from KELA (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland)
  • get student discounts from VR or Matkahuolto
  • utilize student health care services (YTHS)
  • complete JOO studies
  • have their prior studies accredited
    • Credit transfer for possible earlier studies can be obtained only in degree studies

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for path studies is EUR 200, which means that the fee for an academic year is EUR 400. All path students are obligated to pay the tuition fee regardless of nationality or type of residence permit.

The tuition fee is paid with an e-form. The link will be sent to your edu email. Invoice messages are not sent to personal email addresses, nor can the invoice be sent in .pdf format. The studies are invoiced in September–October and in February. Those who have selected to pay the tuition fee in two instalments (EUR 100) will receive another invoicing message in November and April. Payment with the e-form requires logging in with electronic banking passwords.

You can pay the tuition fee in one (EUR 200) or two instalments (2 x EUR 100). The payment shall be made within 14 days from receiving the invoicing message. You can select the method of payment in the e-forms included in the invoicing message. Neglecting to pay the tuition fee will result in cancelling the study place and taking the fee to debt collection.

By accepting the offered study place in Studyinfo you commit yourself to pay the tuition fee. More specific information on the terms of cancellation can be found in Discontinuing path studies.
Please note that the tuition fee of EUR 200 only applies the right to study as an Open Studies student. If you are accepted as a degree student, you might be obligated to pay a tuition fee for the degree studies.

Study Guide, Lukkarikone and Messi

During the orientation week, students are instructed on how to select courses in the Peppi system and get information on using the systems. Thus, you don’t have to select the courses completed in the path studies yourself in advance. However, it is useful for new students to get to know the following pages.

The Study Guide contains the degree programmes’ courses, their extent and timing. The timing enables viewing the courses of the first academic year separately from the following academic years. The ongoing and future implementations of courses are also listed in the study guide.

In Lukkarikone , you can get to know the teaching schedules and check the teaching facilities. In Lukkarikone, students can also view the schedules of implementations aimed at their group.

Messi is TUAS’ intranet, where you can find all necessary instructions for studying and studies. The study-related news are updated in Messi, and students are expected to check the news weekly.


The Tuudo app

The Tuudo App (for Android and iOS) is your guide to student life! Download the app free of charge, once you have accepted your study place as a path student. In the Tuudo menu, find Turku University of Applied Sciences and click on “For new students”, which allows you to access the service without logging in. Instructions for new students are compiled as their own package in Tuudo and in addition, you can view the campus maps and current news for students in Tuudo. After having activated your user ID you can log in Tuudo with it and view your personal course timetable and progress of your studies.

Discontinuing Open UAS studies and cancellation policy

You can discontinue your path studies by submitting a resignation announcement from TUAS’ open studies: resignation announcement  (identification with online banking codes or mobile ID). If you cannot access neither of the identification options, you can file the resignation announcement with the form alternative resignation announcement  (requires a student ID code).

The discontinuation announcement in terms of path studies is accepted only if a resignation announcement has been submitted. An announcement via email to a teacher or other member of staff is not accepted.

Cancellation policy
Accepting a study place in Studyinfo obligates to the payment of the tuition fee (EUR 200). You can avoid the fee for the next semester if you cancel the path studies by the end of the semester (31 December or 31 July by 23:59). If the cancellation of the study place is made mid-semester, the student is obligated to pay the tuition fee for the ongoing semester.

A negative decision from the Employment Office (TE-toimisto) does not justify cancellation of the payment. The path study place can only be cancelled free of charge with a valid doctor’s certificate. The illness must be long-term and prevent the completion of studies.

Transferring as a degree student and resignation

The resignation announcement from path studies does not need to be filled in if the student is selected as a student at Turku UAS in the application through the open studies path.

If the student is accepted in another UAS in joint application or in an open studies application in the middle of the path studies’ right to study, the resignation announcement must be filled in. Open Studies is not informed of those selected in joint application or in the application to another higher education institution. The fee for the following semester must be paid, if the student has not filled in a resignation announcement.

Applying as a degree student from path studies

A degree cannot be completed in path studies. After having completed the path studies, the student can apply as a degree student in the studies in the field where the path studies have been completed. Application as a degree student takes place through the open studies path. The application to Bachelor’s degree studies through the open studies path takes place twice a year. The application to Master’s degree studies through the open studies path is ongoing, apart from December and June–August. The numbers of study places in the application through the open studies path match the numbers of path studies’ study places.

To be eligible for the application through the open studies path, the applicant is required to have completed a certain number of credits by the end of the application period. A minimum grade average may also be set in the application, which the student must achieve to be able to apply. If there are more applicants than starting places, students are selected based on the grade average. More information on the application and the admission criteria updated each application period are available on the separate applications’ website .

Path students can also apply in the joint application.

Campuses and traffic connections

TUAS operates on several different campuses, which you can get to know through the links below. It is advisable to arrive on campus with public transport, because the number of parking spaces near the campuses is limited.

Whom should I contact?

You can get support from several different parties in your studies. Please get to know the descriptions on the areas of responsibility below, so that you know whom you should contact.


Study counsellor

The information of the study counsellor is found in the field-specific instructions on starting the studies

  • Planning of studies
  • Contents of the studies
  • Questions related to studying, implementation of teaching, the entity of studies
  • Encountering bullying and other difficult situations in life

Tutor teacher

The information of the tutor teacher is found in the field-specific instructions on starting the studies or the student will get to know who their tutor teacher is in the orientation week.

  • Individual study plan (ISP) and planning the studies
  • Structure of the first year of studies
  • Questions related to practical training
  • Using Peppi and enrolments in Peppi
  • Encountering bullying


  • Course contents and methods of implementation
  • Course timetables
  • Enrolment for implementations and rejecting enrolments
  • The Optima workspace

Peer tutor

The peer tutor is a student who has started his/her studies earlier and will help you during the first year of studies. In addition, sports tutors bring students to exercise together.

  • Studying and student life
  • Questions on the city and region
  • Student events
  • Encountering bullying

Student union TUO

You can access the services offered by TUO for path students once you have become a member of TUO.

  • Joining the student union
  • Expert services (e.g. problem situations related to leases, employment relationships, cohabitation or marriage)
  • Harassment officer
  • TUO’s events
  • Support in the studies
  • Club activities
  • The Slice app

Open UAS (avoinamk[at]turkuamk.fi)

  • Application through the open studies path (not questions related to the contents of the studies)
  • Invoicing
  • Filling in the form for the Employment Office
  • Ordering transcripts of records or registration certificates
  • Questions related to discontinuing the studies (note: you cannot resign from the studies via email, it takes place with the resignation announcement only)

Student Office (opintoasiat[at]turkuamk.fi)

  • Picking up the meal subsidy card, if you’re unable to obtain one from the tutor during the first week of studies
  • As you are a path student, Open Studies are responsible for your study administration, not the Student Office
  • If you apply for and are accepted in degree studies, you will transfer your study administrative affairs to the Student Office

IT services

You can contact the IT services at servicedesk[at]turkuamk.fi and get more information on the website of IT Services .

  • User ID
  • TUAS’ devices and systems

Starting time and place

Bachelor's study programmes
Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology  


Masters' study programmes
Master of Business Administration, Business Management


Master of Business Administration, Sales Management