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Page updated 8.2.2024

Guidance and studies for immigrants

Turku UAS wants to provide an equal study environment and the opportunity for active participation in the higher education community also for students with a foreign background. For students with a foreign background, we provide services which support the progress to higher education studies, the development of Finnish language skills during the studies and seamless studies in the Finnish higher education community. 
On this page, we have compiled the language and guidance services provided by Turku UAS for immigrants and foreign students.

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Language and guidance services


Preparatory programme for higher education studies

The preparatory programme is aimed at immigrants, whose goal is to study at a higher education institution in Finland. The applicant shall be eligible to apply and possess at least skill level B1 in the Finnish language.


Immigrants’ preparatory programme for higher education studies in Social Services and Health Care

Immigrants’ preparatory programme for higher education studies in Engineering and Business

Degree students at universities of applied sciences and Open Studies students can also participate in the Finnish language studies included in the education. Enrolment for the Finnish language studies takes place at CampusOnline .

Finnish as a second language

At Turku UAS, you can study Finnish as a second language at different language skill levels (A1–C1). Read more about the language skill levels in Finnish or English .

Finnish as a Second Language, or S2 studies, are offered to all students of Turku UAS regardless of the field of study and whether you are completing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, path studies or another study module of Open Studies. 

Some of the Finnish courses are open to everybody also outside Turku UAS. Students of Open Studies and degree students of other Universities of Applied Sciences can find the course selection and register for Finnish language studies at Open Studies or at campusonline.fi .

  • More information about Finnish language studies: moi@turkuamk.fi

MOI guidance and counselling services

MOI service helps when planning and applying for studies. The service offers support also during the studies.

If you are interested in higher education studies, MOI service advises e.g. on:

  • study options and career planning
  • recognition of previous studies
  • applying for studies and selection processes
  • language requirements and Finnish language studies
  • study-related fees and financial aid for studies

If you are already a student at Turku UAS, MOI offers guidance e.g. on issues such as:

  • learning assignments, thesis, preparation for an exam, etc.
  • Finnish language studies
  • practical matters related to studies (e.g. course enrollments, information search, use of information systems)
  • scholarship programme for degree students from outside the EU/EEA

You can ask for advice or book a tutoring appointment: moi@turkuamk.fi

The appointment can take place at Turku UAS campus, International House Turku premises or online.

Support and peer experiences available!

Networks for a career in Finland – studies for highly educated immigrants

The study programme enables highly educated immigrants to develop their skills without having to obtain a new degree. Additionally, the programme supports students in networking through career guidance, mentoring, and internship included in the training.



Learn about the experiences of people with a foreign background studying and working in Finland

Turku University of Applied Sciences organizes theme-specific expert talks, where students with a foreign background and alumni talk about their own experiences in studying and working in Finland.

Come to network and hear good tips and success stories! The expert talks will be announced on this website and in other communication channels.


Study opportunities

International House Turku

Check out the services of International House Turku!

International House Turku offers a wide range of services for foreign language speakers in Turku. There are services related to living, working, entrepreneurship and Finnish language studies.

Read more and, if necessary, check out the multilingual guidance services:
International House Turku