Page updated 31.1.2019


Arts Academy, Linnankatu

Address Linnankatu 54–60, 20100 Turku
Opening hours

The main entrance (Linnankatu 54) is open Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00. Exceptional opening hours during holiday periods.

Köysiratagalleria is open Mon–Fri 12:00–17:00. Entrance to the gallery is from the Varvintori square (Linnankatu 56).

Köysiteatteri is opened about 30 minutes before a performance. Entrance to the theatre is from the Varvintori square (Linnankatu 56).


The main entrance, located at Linnankatu 54, is marked by a sign that reads: Turun Taideakatemia (TUAS Arts Academy). In the main entrance hall, there is a map and a service desk.

The visually impaired and wheelchair users are not able to move around independently in the building (doors are heavy, there are high doorsteps, and some handrails are missing).

Enter the Köysiteatteri theatre from the side of the Varvintori square (Linnankatu 56). There are spaces for wheelchair users in the auditoria. There is a disabled toilet located in the theatre hall.

There are some parking spaces on the streets Linnankatu, Veistämönkuja and Läntinen Rantakatu. There are no disabled parking spaces near Arts Academy


Parking spaces are available to some extent near Arts Academy on the following streets: Linnankatu, Läntinen rantakatu and Veistämönkuja (free parking and disc parking). Information on parking opportunities in the parking garage of Arts Academy is available from the porters.

Transport connections

Bus 1 runs along Linnankatu between the Market Square and the harbour. The ride from the Market Square takes about 8 minutes. See local traffic timetables.

Degree programmes

The Linnankatu campus provides education in the following degree programmes:

  • Film and Television
  • Performing Arts
  • Fine Arts
  • Music