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Page updated 5.9.2022

Wireless visitor network TUAS Guest

TUAS Guest visitor network is utilized on the campus. TUAS Guest is an open visitor network, and it is intended as a temporary internet connection for those visiting the premises of Turku UAS. Turku UAS is responsible for the maintenance of the network during normal office hours, apart from the holiday season of the educational institute. In problem situations, please contact servicedesk@turkuamk.fi.


To access the TUAS Guest network, select it from the wireless networks visible on your device. After this, open the browser which is directed to the registration page. You register for the network through the registration page with your own email address. After registration, logging in takes place by clicking on the Log in button. The login is valid until 23:59.

Limitations of the network

Only regular browser traffic, tunnelling protocols (VPN) and secure email traffic are allowed within the TUAS Guest network.  The visitor network can be utilized for internet browsing and reading emails, but it is not intended for example for streaming or remote meetings. For these needs, you must bring your own network connections suitable for the purpose.

Informing of service interruptions

The service interruptions are informed of internally in Turku UAS’ intranet. A maintenance window has been reserved for service maintenance on the 3rd Tuesday evening of each month.