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Page updated 22.1.2020
Path Studies

Accepted in the Open Studies separate application

If you’re accepted as a degree student, you will be informed of the acceptance via email as an automatic e-mail from Studyinfo after the publication of the selection results.The results will be published at the latest in 30 days after the end of the application period. You can also view your status by logging in the My Studyinfo service.

Proceed as follows

1. Accept the study place by the date mentioned in the letter of acceptance in the My Studyinfo service.

2. Register as present or absent for the next semester in the My Studyinfo service while you accept the study place. More information on the right to be absent below.

Change in student ID code

Your right to study for a degree begins on 1 August (application period in spring) or 1 January (application period in spring) and your student ID code will change the same time as your right to study for a degree. The Student Office will inform you via email once your new student ID code is valid. Your old Open Studies role will terminate on by the end of the semester 31 July or 31 December. After this, you will automatically receive a message of the expiration of your user ID, but you can ignore it, as your user ID will remain valid once the new student ID code has been created. If necessary, you can change the password at id.turkuamk.fi.

You need to enrol on the course implementations of the following semester with your new student ID code in order to get the grades to your correct student ID code and access the folders of the implementations in question in Optima. If you had already made enrolments for the following semester with your TUAS Open Studies student number, these will be transfered. The Optima folders of the course implementations completed with the old student ID code will disappear as your right to study as path students ends. In case of any questions or problems, please contact the Optima support at optima@turkuamk.fi.

Your TUAS Open Studies study attainments are accredited automatically to your new student ID code, and thus you don’t have to apply for their accreditation separately. There might be a delay in the accreditation.

As a student selected in the Separate application through Open UAS, you will continue your studies from the second year of studies at the earliest. If necessary, please contact your study counsellor or tutor teacher prior to the start of the studies for more information on starting the studies.

Please note that the one higher education study place provision also applies separate application. More information https://studyinfo.fi/wp2/en/higher-education/applying/one-study-place-per-term-provision/

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Register for the academic year

  • Please note that registration is not possible before the tuition fee is paid if you are required to pay the tuition fee. If you do not pay the tuition fee and register as instructed, you will lose your study entitlement.
  • Registering as non-attending student: Please note that first year student can register as non-attending only on the following legal grounds:
    • completion of military service or civilian service in Finland,
    • maternity leave, paternity leave or parental leave or
    • if you are unable to begin your studies due to illness or disability.
    • Documents that prove the legal grounds for your non-attendance (must be submitted through an online form ):
      • Service under the Conscription Act (1438/2007), Non-Military Service Act (1446/2007), or Act on Women's Voluntary Military Service (194/1995): Call-up order
      • Maternity, paternity or parental leave: Kela's certificate regarding maternity, paternity or parental allowance period or, if the certificate has not yet been received, a medical certificate regarding the pregnancy. Corresponding certificates from the authorities of other countries regarding statutory parental leave.
      • The student cannot begin studies due to being incapacitated by personal illness or injury: Sickness allowance decision or, if no decision exists, a medical certificate. The medical certificate must state which illness or injury the student suffers from, and that this condition prevents the student from beginning the studies. Obstacles caused by the practical arrangements required by the illness or injury: an adequate clarification, e.g. a certificate from the student housing foundation that the student is on the waiting list for an apartment required by his or her injury. The student's own notification is not an adequate clarification.