Our projects develop products, services and processes for different needs in working life.
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6Aika: The Smart Learning Environments of the Future
A Woman of Her Own – Advancing the Working Life Skills of Women with Disabilities
AIRBORNE – the spreading of airborne infections in hospitals
ANOJANSSI – Metrics of noise annoyance
Application Laboratory for 3D Printing of Recycled Plastic
Baltic Flows – Monitoring and management of flowing rain water in Baltic Sea catchment areas
BioDigi – Digital Online Portal for Biomedical Laboratory Science
BSR Electric - Fostering e-mobility solutions in urban areas in the Baltic Sea Region
Business Ecosystems in Effective Exergaming (BEE)
CARPE-ESSENCE – sustainable urban planning
Cognitive Radio Test Environment ++ (CORE++)
COMMUNE – Co-Produced Mental Health Nursing Education
CoMoViWo - Communication in Mobile and Virtual Work
Condition and Accessibility Assessment (KuntoArvi)
CoSIE - Co-creation of Service Innovation in Europe
CreDev – Creativity Development in Adult Education 2017–2019
CreICT - Creating new possibilities for wellbeing through ICT
DaaS – Open Data as a Service
DEEVA – Using Data and Experiences in Novel Ecosystem Value Co-Creation
DefenceArch - Footprints of Defence in the Archipelago
Developing the functionality of undersized wetlands
Development of preparing for oil spill prevention in the Archipelago Sea area (OIL)
Digi-JouJou – Flexible Swedish and Finnish Language Learning for Future Working Life Needs
DIVA – Towards Smart Sales through Creating Value in Business-to-Business Markets
Dry sanitation and waste management projects in Swaziland
DuuniPolku (6Aika) – Developing and Testing Services and Models to Promote Employment and Entrepreneurship
Earning Logic and Models for Artists (TaideART)
eFöli - Starting the Electric Bus Traffic in Turku
Energy-efficient Diesel Engines of the 2010s
EURANIM – Boosting Careers of Young Animation Artists with Video-Mapping
Evaluation Research in the KomPAssi Project
Fast Wow Effects Boosting SME Business
FINCODA – Framework for Innovation Competencies Development and Assessment
FISS Southwest Finland
Formative Assessment for Foreign Language Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (FAB)
Gamified Solutions in Healthcare
In Public, In Particular (IPIP)
INDOPED - Active Learning Practices to Indonesian Higher Education Institutions
Industrial Internet Reference Architecture for Medical Platforms - RAMP
INEC - Increasing Ethical Competence in Midwifery Education and Practice
INNOSTAMO– entrepreneurship, new learning environments, models and the development of services to support the
Innovative Social Investment: Strenghtening Communities in Europe (InnoSI)
Innovative – Simulation Pedagogy for Academic Development (iSPAD)
INTOKE - Developing the Competence and Know-How of Building Information Modeling in Infrastructure
IRIS - Introducing Reverse Innovation Model to HEI in Tanzania
Kansa-koulu II
KOMEAT – Small R&D projects in the machine and metal technology industry
LÄMPÖÄ – Business from thermal energy storage
Lean Growth – Towards Experimental and Productive Working Life with Internal Lean Startup Practices
Life Science Accelerator
Looking for a Peer
Low-carbon harbour operations
MEGA – Building capacity by implementing mhGAP mobile intervention in SADC countries
Meri-Erko, Training of specialists for the maritime cluster by a network of higher education institutions
MOMU, Moving towards Multiprofessional Work
MONITOI - the well-being of employees in activity-based offices
NÄKYMÄTTÖMÄT – Digital Stories by Youths
NewWoW Crafting – New Ways of Working by Crafting Mobile and Multi-Locational Work
NHLL Nordic Health Living Lab
NIKO – Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion in the Daily Life of Nicotine Product Using Youth
NonHazCity – Innovative Management Solutions for Minimizing Emissions of Hazardous Substances from Urban Areas in the Baltic Sea Region
OnBoard-Med – Harmonization of on Board Medical Treatment, Occupational Safety and Emergency Skills in Baltic Sea Shipping
Papyrus – Professional Action and Practice for Youth Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Pilot project: an innovation cluster of textile recycling
POLKU - International Talents as Resource for Expanding Companies
Productizing Finnish Lifestyle Tourism Services
QAEMarketPlace4HEI - Quality Assurance and Enhancement Marketplace for Higher Education Institutions
Räätäli – tools for information and language technology
RADICAL - Filling Skills Gaps in Blue Industry by Radical Competence Boost in Engineering VET
REGI Reacting to Growing Immigration
ReLeCo – The innovative blended learning concept for resource efficiency
SAUNAC - Sustainability Alliance of Urban Networks in Asian Cities
SeBNet – Smart Electric Bus Network Integration
Soiled Plastic Waste - Collecting and Recycling (LiMuKe)
Solarleap – more solar energy to Southwest Finland
SparkUp Portti
Structural Solutions from Hemp
Taikusydän - The Heart for Arts, Culture and Well-being in Finland
TELAKETJU Sorting and Recovery Chain for Textiles
The Circular Economy Centres of the Future
The eMedication Passport
The field of health technology as business – TELI
The Future of UHF - FUHF
Three Openings to New Value Creation: Clean Technology, Health Services and Marketing Communications at the Digital Age (e-Value Creation) as Platforms
TRY OUT! Experiments on circular economy and cleantech with cities and business networks – highlighting functional business models
UTELE - Journey of exploration
Value from Sport
Vessedia- Verification Engineering of Safety and Security Critical Industrial Applications
VIEDEX – Virtual Education Experience in an Extended Nordic Context
VIRDI – Virtual Reality in Driving Inspection
Waterchain – Pilot Watersheds as a Practical Tool to Reduce the Harmful Inflows into the Baltic Sea
We are! Responsible internationalization
Wireless for Verticals (WIVE)