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Page updated 16.1.2017

Looking for a Peer

The results of the project are service models which take the needs of immigrants in the integration process into account. These models support entrepreneurship, speed up access to employment or degree education and strengthen the parity of the target group.

The target group of the Vertaista vailla (“Without peer”) project are unemployed immigrants who need support for the phase after the education. The implementation of the project is based on the complementary special competence of the project partners and cooperation partners.

The project organizes four month-long intensive periods for groups of 16 people. During the intensive period, which will take place four times, each group gets guidance in independent language studying and coaching in working life and entrepreneurship, which is complemented with peer support and company visits. The project trains integrated immigrants as peer tutors for the participants. In addition to knowledge on working life, the peer groups discuss the life changes caused by immigration and overcoming these. Mentors from business life are sought for the participants, and they will continue meeting the mentors together with their peer tutors. Those who aim to become entrepreneurs are provided individual guidance and events related to entrepreneurship.

Along with the intensive period and guidance the participants’ abilities to utilize the existing services will improve, their networks will strengthen and the importance of utilizing these is understood better. The Finnish language skills of the participants will have increased and the abilities of self-directed language studies improved, knowledge on the labour market increased, job-searching skills improved, working life network expanded and career path become clearer.