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Page updated 10.6.2024

Masters are experts and reformers of the company

It is valuable for companies to develop their competence capital. When the employer provides the staff the opportunity to increase their level of education, the management and expert competence within the company are strengthened.

Masters bring added value to company development

Master’s degree education is designed to meet the needs of working life and develop the competence of the staff. The education is closely linked with working life. The student completes studies while working, which also better engages them to the renewal and development of the company’s operations. During the studies, Master students expand their networks and increase their international competence. The studies also include learning tasks and a development project acting as the thesis. The thesis can be made for the employer. Get to know theses made at Turku UAS in Theseus.

Masters are experts in their field

At Turku UAS Master School, you will develop your leadership and management skills as well as your professional competence in your field. Upon graduation from Master School, the student will have a high-quality degree, which coaches for demanding expert and supervisor tasks, i.e. a UAS Master’s degree. A Master’s degree completed at a university of applied sciences is at an equivalent level to Master’s degrees completed at universities (decree 120/2017). Read more about the Finnish Education System.


Masters from four different fields of study

You can study a Master’s degree in the field of culture, business administration, engineering or social services and health care. The educational supply of Master School is divided in two paths: in the degree programmes in the School of Leadership Excellence, you will develop your skills as a leader or manager. In the School of  Professional Excellence, you will tackle the challenges in your field of specialization and develop your expertise to a demanding expert level.