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Page updated 25.4.2024
Students of Social Services

Services for Students

Turku UAS offers diverse range of high-quality services for students in studying, counselling, well-being and health care.

Study Counsellor

Study counsellor is an expert in education and counselling and acts as a co-ordinator of counselling in the educational unit, drawing on the expertise of other student services and student counselling offices, when necessary.

Study counsellor supports students in problematic situations relating, for instance, to study grants, discontinuing of studies, transfers and difficulties in studies.

Study counsellor also provides information and guidance for those interested in education at Turku UAS.

Contact information

Student Office

Study Advisers work in the Student Office and their responsibilities include, for instance,

  • maintaining student and study records;
  • advising students on the right to study, enrolment for academic year, study records and graduation;
  • preparing and providing certificates.

Contact information

Study Counselling Psychologist

Tutor teachers and study counsellors are the primary source of support and guidance in problematic situations at Turku University of Applied Sciences. If you have not been able to find a solution to your problem in discussions with the study counsellors and tutor teachers, special support is available. You can contact Study Counselling Psychologist if you feel you need extra support e.g. with the following matters:

  • how to proceed if you get stuck with your studies 
  • problems related to study skills 
  • motivational problems 
  • coping and stress 
  • returning to studies after a lengthy break 
  • other issues related to learning and the study environment, such as: 
  • anxiety about exams or the thesis 
  • time management and time planning 
  • tension or nervousness 
  • problems with interaction in study situations 
  • difficulties in the writing process

Ms Satu Salmi
Study Counselling Psychologist
+358 44 907 4544

Student Counsellor

Turku University of Applied Sciences has a Student Counsellor who can be contacted by e-mail, telephone or message. The operation of the Student Counsellor is part of the Wellbeing Through Counselling (Ohjauksella hyvinvointia, OHJY) project.

Student Counsellor supports students and their well-being in different life situations. You can contact the Student Counsellor by e-mail, phone or sending a text message.

Contact information: Sari Seppä, tel. +358 (0)40 355 0836, sari.j.seppa@turkuamk.fi

Career Services

The purpose of career and recruitment services is to support students in all aspects of working life, for example when the student wants to discuss work- and career-related issues, wants to map his/her strengths and weaknesses, searches for a thesis commissioner or a practical training or workplace, or writes a job application or CV.

Contact: rekry@turkuamk.fi

International Services

Turku UAS International Relations Staff  is in charge of the international services intended for incoming and outgoing exchange students and trainees. TUAS International Student Services support students’ internationalisation at home by organising international tutoring and Get Finternational courses. In TUAS, a student can participate in international activities in one or more of the following ways:

  • Studying in a foreign institution        
  • Doing the practical training abroad  
  • Tutoring foreign exchange students in Turku / Salo  
  • Participating in the activities of the Erasmus Student Network section ESN-IAC 
  • Participating in foreign language education     
  • Giving feedback about and participating in the development of international affairs at TUAS


Turku UAS library offers high-quality information resources both at the libraries as well as online, and guides and helps in seeking information. Library has altogether five libraries on campuses situated in Turku (EduCity, Lemminkäisenkatu, Linnankatu) and Salo.

Medical Services

Finnish Student Health Service FSHS

The purpose of the FSHS (YTHS in Finnish) is to provide student health services, as stipulated in the Health Care Act. You can use FSHS services if you are studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and you have registered as an attending student.

Municipal and regional health care

The local health station is the primary provider of health care services. Exchange students and Open UAS' path students can use the public healthcare services, please see also www.tuas.fi/beforearrival -> Insurance and Student Health Care 

Turku’s basic health care services are provided by health clinics, which are assigned to you based on your address within the city: Health Stations

Student Union TUO

The student union of Turku University of Applied Sciences – TUO is the student’s home in TUAS, the one organization that takes care of your interests as a student. TUO has altogether over 4500 members – we welcome you to join the ranks!

The membership of the student union is optional. TUO belongs to SAMOK, which is the umbrella organization of the student unions of the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. TUO is religiously and politically neutral and independent from trade unions.

Protection of student interests

TUO takes care of the interests of its members and functions as a bridge between students, Turku UAS and the surrounding community. In practice this means giving statements and taking a stand in vital issues concerning study-related matters. It also means forming relations and creating contacts along with choosing student members to operate in various facilities that concern themselves with these vital issues.

Membership benefits

TUO offers numerous membership benefits that one can get with a SAMOK student card. There is e.g. free legal counsel available, among several other services.

With the student card you can also get student discount from train (45-55 %) and bus tickets (50 %). Many shops, theaters, gyms etc. all around Finland have student discounts, so remember to always show your student card! Also at every cafeteria at TUAS you’ll get student discounts from lunch with SAMOK student card.

Visit TUO's website

Sport Services

The CampusSport services are intended for every member of the higher education community in Turku. Please visit CampusSport website for further information.

Erasmus Student Network

The ESN Uni Turku, Erasmus Student Network, is an association for the international students. It organises different kinds of events and activities:

  • Hang-around Tuesdays
  • Sauna evenings
  • Ice-skating
  • Trip to Lapland

The main goal of ESN Uni Turku is to help international students familiarise themselves with Finnish culture, nature and people. At the same time, it also gives a chance to Finnish students to get to know other cultures and countries and make a lot of new friends and practise their language skills. 
More information on ESN Facebook page