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Page updated 10.4.2024
Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Fine Arts

International Students

Welcome to study in Finland! Please read this information for the new international degree students who are starting the studies in Turku UAS.


Tuition fee

If you are required to pay tuition fee, your admission is conditional until you have paid the tuition fee or get exemption from it. You cannot register for the academic year before you have paid the whole tuition fee.


Finnish student health service (FSHS) is responsible of student health services. However, FSHS do not cover urgent medical care or secondary health care in hospitals. 

Students from other EU or EEA countries must to provide a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when accessing FSHS services. The FSHS will be required by law to ask to see a European Health Insurance Card to identify students who are covered by state-provided health insurance from a country other than Finland. The card must be obtained before coming to Finland. Students from Britain and Northern Ireland may provide a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). Read more on FSHS website.

If you are non-EU/EEA citizen, make sure you have a valid health insurance that covers both accidents and illness. Turku UAS has insurance against injuries during studies, but it does not cover leisure time accidents or eventual illness during your stay. You are also required to have health insurance before applying for a residence permit for studies. Please read more about the requirements of the insurance on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.


Residence permit and D visa

Non-EU/EEA students need a student residence permit when they stay in Finland more than 3 months.

Start the application process for residence permit immediately when you have received information of admission and paid the tuition fee because the process can take several months. Follow carefully the immigration authorities' instructions and regulations, so that you can receive your permit in good time before your studies begin!  

Note! We recommend that you apply for the residence permit to be valid 2 weeks before the beginning of studies so you can arrive in Finland and settle before the studies begin.

The Finnish Immigration Service does not probably grant a residence permit for TUAS’ Master School studies, if there are only two contact lesson days per month. In case the residence permit is not granted, the student may apply for a travel visa for the contact lesson days.

Please note that Turku UAS cannot influence the decisions made by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland regarding residence permits.

D visa

With a D visa, you can enter Finland immediately after you have been issued with a residence permit. You can apply for a D visa in Enter Finland at the same time as you apply for a residence permit.

In order to receive your residence permit card in Finland, you need to provide a Finnish address. The address can be, for instance, the address of the hotel or other accommodation where you will be staying or you can use Turku UAS address: Joukahaisenkatu 7, 20520 Turku. Your residence permit card will be sent to the nearest DB Schenker collection point.

Read more at https://migri.fi/en/d-visa

Health documents

Finnish student health service (FSHS) will invite all first-year students to a health examination comprising

  • the HealthStart questionnaire and
  • if necessary, an appointment with a public health nurse and/or oral health professional. 

Instructions for students in other fields than social and health care

FSHS recommends that all the students who have lived or stayed in countries with very high risk of tuberculosis take X-ray examination of the lungs (Thorax) in their home country before arrival to Finland. Statement should be less than 3 months old. Please note, bring only results, not X-ray photographs!

Instructions for students in social and health care

According to the Act of Infectious Diseases, the students of social and health care need to have an adequate protection against specific infectious diseases. 

FSHS recommends that all new students take following laboratory tests and X-ray in their home country before the arrival to Finland. The tests may not be older than 6 months and all the results should be written in English.

 Laboratory tests / thorax

  • S-Hbs-Ag   (Hepatitis B serum anti gene)
  • S-HCV-Ab (Hepatitis C antibodies)
  • S-HIV-Ab (Human immunodeficiency virus)
  • S-Cardiolipin-Ab (Lues-antibodies)
  • X-ray examination of the lungs (Thorax). Please note, bring only results, not X-ray photographs!

The following vaccinations are obligatory for the student of health care:

  • Pertussis
  • MMR (Mumps=Parotitis, Measles=Morbilli, Rubella=German measles)
  • Hepatitis-B
  • Chickenpox

We also recommend vaccinations for

  • Polio
  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria

You need to bring your Vaccination certificate (in English) included previous vaccination (how many doses, date, month, year).

Read the instructions for social and health care students concerning infectious diseases and vaccinations on FSHS website.

Make sure that you bring all medical certificates about vaccinations and tests with you.

For further information, please see the Finnish Student Health Service website.

Student Housing

You need to start looking for an apartment at least 3 months before starting the studies.

If you need an apartment in Turku, you can apply for it from the Turku Student Village Foundation.  Read more about living and studying in Turku: turku.fi/studyinturku.

If you need an apartment in Salo, please see the brochure: Accommodation in Salo.

Turku UAS does not have housing services to offer. Thus, it is the students' responsibility to find an accommodation for the period of their studies. Please see also the links below.

Apartment from general rental market

Finding short-term housing in Turku can be challenging in August and September. Moreover, the private landlords usually do not rent furnished apartments. Normally the rental agreements are done for a fixed period of a year and earlier resignation requires a penalty fee to be paid by the tenant.

Forenom is a private choice for renting fully furnished apartments. The rent includes water, electricity and internet.






Hostels, hotels, Airbnb

These housing providers offer short and long term stay.
Ask for monthly prices from these housing providers!

Omena Hotel Turku 

Hostel ship S/S Bore

Majatalo Rooms and Apartments

Majatalo Kupittaa

Kotimaailma - furnished apartments

Tapulitalo Guesthouse

Conference Hotel and Hostel Linnasmäki

Bed and Breakfast Tuure

The Bridgettine Sisters Student Hostel
(only for female students)


Spot Apartments Oy
Furnished apartments for temporary or permanent stay. All you need are your own personal belongings. Please, contact sales(at)spotapartments.fi

Norden Homes

Facebook groups

You can look for roommates at Turku UAS Exchange Students -group or in other Erasmus groups you can find in Facebook. Then you can book together an apartment from, for example, Forenom, Kotimaailma or Majatalo Rooms & Apartments.

Also check out these groups:

Moving to Finland

You must make a notification of move to The Digital and Population Data Services Agency if you are moving to Finland permanently or living in a new address takes more than three months. Read more on the Digital and Population Data Services Agency website.

In addition, a foreign citizen living in Finland needs to  register in the Population Information System and then he/she receives a personal identity code. The personal identity code is used especially in the activities and information systems of the authorities. Also Turku UAS needs your personal identity code for the student register. Please contact the Student Office as soon as you have it.

Please read the info letter about registration for new international students.

POP-UP registration event for new students on 20-21 September

You can register for the Population Information System without appointment at the pop-up event organised for new international students at DVV on 20–21 September at 9-12 a.m. and 13–15 p.m. The address is Itsenäisyydenaukio 2, Turku.

Note! Please fill in the form at the DVV website before coming to the registration.

International House Turku supports the integration of immigrants and international newcomers in Turku and the Turku region. Read more about the services on International House Turku website.

Life in Finland

You can find a lot of useful general information and advice on living and studying in Finland and Turku, Finnish culture, the Finnish society, travelling in Finland, and much more at:

Support Services for Immigrants

Services in Turku UAS

Our MOI services offer guidance e.g. on issues such as:

  • learning assignments, thesis, preparation for an exam, etc.
  • Finnish language studies
  • practical matters related to studies (e.g. course enrollments, information search, use of information systems)
  • scholarship programme for degree students from outside the EU/EEA.

You can ask for advice or book a tutoring appointment at the campus or online: moi@turkuamk.fi

Services in Turku

International House Turku brings together counselling and guidance services promoting and supporting the integration of immigrants and international newcomers in Turku and the Turku region. The services are offered in many languages, across multiple channels and they are easily accessible. Read more at the International House Turku website.

Services in Salo

The HelppoSalo helpdesk for immigrants provides assistance with matters such as working life, housing, education, and filling out documents and forms. Contact: helpposalo@salo.fi

Events for International Students

There are some virtual events that you can participate already before coming to Finland. Several events are organised for international students in Turku and other cities after coming to Finland. 

Turku UAS organises webinars for new international students before starting the studies. Information about the webinars is sent by email to the new students.

Please find more information about the events through the links below.

Students under 18 years of age in Finland

Please note that if you are under 18 years old when you start the studies in Finland, you are legally a minor and you can’t for example make a rental agreement for accommodation, electricity contract or open a bank account by yourself.

Therefore, life in Finland as a minor student without parents can be very challenging.