Page updated 30.8.2018

Visiting Lecturers and Experts

We welcome visiting experts and teachers to Turku University of Applied Sciences!

There are many different possibilities to visit our organization. The majority of teacher and staff exchanges to TUAS take place within our international networks and exchange programmes, such as Erasmus and Nordplus, or the RDI projects TUAS participates in.

We also organize several International Weeks yearly aimed at teachers and staff in our partner institutions. Check the dates and application periods at .

Most teacher and staff exchanges last one to two weeks, but we are also very interested in hosting experts who wish to come to TUAS for longer exchanges, for example within Marie Curie or Fulbright programmes.

Let us know if you would like to come for a short- or long-term visit to TUAS.

Register your visit to TUAS

All our international guests should fill in a registration form  before their arrival.

Please note that your visit should be confirmed by TUAS before filling in the registration.