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Open Studies

The path to a degree from Open UAS studies

Were you left without a study place? Would you like to get to know a new field? At Turku University of Applied Sciences, you can start your own study path or complete first-year studies in a certain field together with degree students.

The path studies are comprised of first-year studies in a UAS degree, approx. 60 ECTS credits. The studies can contain multiform studies, online studies or contact teaching. In terms of youth education leading to a degree, the full-time studies are mostly organised in the daytime (at 8–16 o’clock). The multiform studies are mostly organised in the evenings or a couple of days (at 8–16 o’clock) per week.

Path studies can be started without a right to study for a degree at a university of applied sciences, and there are no school education requirements as in degree studies at a university of applied sciences. Some of the multiform training programmes are an exception. Degree students at Turku University of Applied Sciences cannot enrol as Open UAS students at Turku University of Applied Sciences.


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The Spring 2017 Path study places are full. The next application period for path studies starts on 2.8.2017 at 9 am. We will update the available places in this page on May.

You may fill the enrolment sheet here when the application period begins. Please note that study places are limited. 



Fees for the path studies

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The tuition fee for TUAS Open University of Applied Sciences is EUR 200 per semester. Therefore Path studies cost 400€ per academic year. The invoice can be paid in two instalments.

Possible cancellations (autumn 2017 studies) shall be made on 16.8.2017 at the Open UAS office (by e-mail). For cancellations made after that, we will charge EUR 50€ as an organising fee. If the cancellation is done after 31.8.2017, we will collect the entire fee of EUR 200 per semester.

 A student at Open UAS is not entitled to student financial aid, housing benefit or other student benefits. Please remember to contact TE Services prior to the enrolment, if you are registered as an unemployed job applicant with TE Services.

Information for accepted path students

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This page concerns Open UAS path students. If you have been selected as a degree student through joint application or additional application, this page doesn’t concern you. 

Congratulations on your path study place! You have received a letter of acceptance into Open UAS path studies via email. The letter contains the information on which degree programme’s path studies you have been accepted into. If you have applied to several programmes, please remember to cancel the places you won’t accept so that you won’t receive an invoice for those. From the table below you can download the info letter of your degree programme. The letter contains important information on the schedules and starting the studies.

Please get to know also the Open UAS path student's guide .

NOTE! The pages will be updated during summer 2017. Changes may occur.