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Apply for Path Studies in November!

The next application period for path studies is 25 November - 9 December 2021 at 15.00.
Page updated 25.8.2021

Path Studies

Open Studies’ path studies provide a channel to a degree. The path studies are good way of trying out studying or changing the field without an entrance exam. Application to Turku UAS’ path studies takes place twice a year: in the summer and at the end of the year.

The path studies consist of the first year of studies of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and the studies are completed in the same group with the degree students. Completing studies through path studies is not more flexible than degree studies. The presence requirements apply path students, too. After having successfully completed the studies, you can apply as a degree student through Open Studies separate application . After that, you can continue the studies seamlessly until graduation.

Open Studies do not affect the quota reserved for first-time applicants in joint application.
The price of the path studies is EUR 400 (EUR 200/semester). 
Turku UAS’ degree students cannot apply for path studies.

Contemplating on if path studies suit you? Do you have questions about the studies? Click to The ABCs of Path Studies page and read more about the path studies. 

Which Path Studies Can I Apply to?

We offer Bachelor's and Master's Path Studies in Business Administration and ICT.

When Do I Apply?

The application period for path studies is twice a year: in the summer and at the end of the year.

How Do I Apply?

We select students via lottery (Bachelor) and motivation description letter+CV (Master). Applications are filled electronically at Studyinfo.fi.

News Bulletin

27.6. Apply for path studies on Studyinfo.fi now! The application period ends on 6.8.2021 at 15.00. 

22.9. Next application period for path studies is 24th of November - 4th of December in Studyinfo.