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Page updated 22.11.2023

Turku UAS - impact across the world of work


Our heart beats for Southwest Finland. We boost the region’s well-being and competitiveness in a sustainable manner. We are a trusted partner in developing competence throughout working life. Our education attracts applicants from both Finland and abroad. We educate prospering experts for workplaces in Southwest Finland. The solutions we have created in co-operation with our partners will have a positive influence also outside our own region.

Strategic themes

A group of students are happily studying the charging point for electric buses at the bus depot.

Green economy

We support the green transition of Southwest Finland. Solutions for promoting sustainable productivity already exist and, together with our partners, we will find them. Our work yields a bigger handprint and a smaller carbon footprint.

On the left side of the picture, the pianist is accompanied by a violinist and oboist playing in the middle of the stage.

A good life  

We work towards the best possible life in the changing world. We support our partners in developing humane solutions and service structures. We create opportunities for smoothly running everyday life filled with new experiences. Our contribution can be seen everywhere, from safe homes and well-being to meaningful art and culture.


Our Baltic Sea

We yield influence in the Baltic Sea region with all our competence. We cooperate with the region’s businesses, higher education institutions and cities. We take good care of the Baltic Sea to keep it healthy and diverse for the generations to come. 

At home in the hybrid world

At home in the hybrid world

For us, change is an opportunity for a better (working) life. We study and develop products and services, so that people and companies can operate in the hybrid world with ease. The physical and virtual world seamlessly overlap with each other in people’s everyday lives, both at work and in spare time.  

Operating programmes

We foster the well-being of our community

For us, the well-being of our community is an intrinsic value and asset. Prospering experts create novel solutions in cooperation. When students do well, they build a sound basis for a meaningful professional life. People want to join our community. You can see people smiling on the campuses. We care.

We are a good partner

For us, partnership is the way we do things, which brings added value to our learning, research and development. We support the world of work in Southwest Finland together with the region’s other educational institutions. We are known among our partners in Finland and abroad for our result-oriented expertise. We are worth the trust.

We learn in a changing world

High-quality competence is the foundation of our existence. We respond to the needs of the changing world proactively by providing versatile pedagogic solutions. We offer a good, personal study experience both in degree studies and in smaller entities. We provide genuine encounters on the campuses and online. Change is here to stay, competence will last.

Our most important value is boosting competence

We contribute to creating a shared value system by discussing what would be the ethical ways of acting in everyday life. Boosting competence is a value shared by us, and it shows in all our activities. 

In addition

  • We engage in developing Turku as a strong and international city of higher education and culture.
  • We promote the goals of the Turku Climate Plan 2029.
  • We support the city of Salo in becoming an even more vivid and thriving city of sustainable economy.
  • We actively contribute to building Southwest Finland into a region of sustainable partnerships, where cooperation is based on shared learning.
  • We are committed to promoting the principles of open science and research.